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2004 Daredevil Game Footage: Exclusive Look at Cancelled Masterpiece

Recently discovered footage unveils a shelved 2004 Daredevil game. Hidden Palace, a video game preservation site, received the prototype from an anonymous developer. SolidSnake11 made it playable, granting us a nostalgic peek into this unreleased gem.

Initially titled “Daredevil: The Video Game,” this project was underway at 5,000 Ft Studios and Encore for PC, PS2, and Xbox. Meant to encapsulate the hero’s iconic comic book moments, Sony’s influence, geared to mirror the live-action film, led to ballooning budgets and eventual cancellation.

The video showcases classic gameplay, depicting Daredevil in a third-person beat ‘em up setup. From encounters with Elektra to acrobatic moves akin to Tomb Raider, it’s a throwback delight. Some mechanics, like rail grinding, seem out of place for Daredevil but offer enjoyable gameplay nonetheless.

Despite unfinished aspects, the footage offers a glimpse into the game’s essence. The “Shadow World” feature, portraying Daredevil’s perspective through sound, stands out, reminiscent of earlier gaming times.

While this Daredevil game didn’t see the light, there’s hope. Recent hints from the director of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 tease at possible future plans. Whether it’s DLC, the third installment, or something else, the future might hold surprises for Matt Murdock’s gaming journey.

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