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5 Best First-Person Shooter Game To Try in 2023

Gamers globally have long embraced First-person shooter (FPS) games for their engaging gameplay, uninterrupted action, and stimulating encounters. In 2023, the gaming industry is preparing to reveal a new wave of FPS titles that aim to transform the genre.

With ultramodern graphics, creative gameplay mechanics, and fascinating tales, these games promise an incredible FPS experience. Whether you’re an experienced First-Person Shooter fan or a neophyte to the genre, here are five infallible must-play FPS games that will keep you at the edge of your gaming seat.

1) CyberStrike 2077: Rise of the Machines

Engross yourself in the enthralling realm of “CyberStrike 2077: Rise of the Machines,” a video game entrenched in a dystopian future where science and rivalry converge. Assume the role of a very skillful cybernetic mercenary with a mission to battle renegade machines and reveal a scheme that imperils humanity.

One of the game’s exceptional features is its compelling storyline. Engage in a narrative-driven campaign that investigates themes of allied supremacy, machine intelligence, and the blurred boundaries between human beings and machines. Undertake thrilling missions that challenge your strategic capabilities and encounter significant personalities while untangling the mystery behind the machine mutiny.

“CyberStrike 2077” offers passionate and adaptable combat mechanics. Arm yourself with a complete arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons, cybernetic augmentations, and adaptable skills to custom-make your playstyle. Engage in adrenaline-pumping gun fights, utilize modern supplies, and strategically improve your character’s talents to defeat intimidating opponents in the depressing cyberpunk background.

Visually, “CyberStrike 2077” is a feast for the eyes. The game delivers fantastic visuals that intensely imitate the dystopian reality. From magnificent skyscrapers to grungy back alleys, all detail has been carefully crafted to submerge you entirely in the game’s surroundings.

Moreover, “CyberStrike 2077” supports a unique sensory experience through its dynamic musical composition and charming sound effects, further augmenting your gameplay immersion.

2) Apex Reborn

Apex Reborn

Don’t miss out on “Apex Reborn” if you’re a fan of the battle royale subgenre. Created by Respawn Entertainment, the famous crew behind the renowned Titanfall succession, this game gives a stimulating experience with its fast-moving gameplay, remarkable character capabilities, and magnificent level design.

What sets “Apex Reborn” apart is its vigorous team-based gameplay. Working alongside a group of skillful legends, each with extraordinary abilities, you’ll need to outwit and beat enemy forces. By coordinating tactics, leveraging character collaboration, and making keen decisions, you’ll fight for survival in a shrinking battlefield.

The game’s geography provides more than just a static backdrop; it evolves, offering fresh and surprising gaming experiences. Discover new locations, learn undiscovered facts, and adjust your strategies as the situation demands. Because “Apex Reborn” has many different game modes, such as ranked play, time-limited events, and engaging PvE challenges, there is always something new to discover.

The movement mechanics in “Apex Reborn” are responsive and fluid, much like the “Titanfall” series. You may use parkour-inspired maneuvers to get the upper hand if you have the freedom to move swiftly and accurately across the battlefield. It will ensure furious firefights that will have you returning for more, combined with the game’s rapid gunplay and a vast array of weaponry.

3) Far Cry 7: New Dawn

Far Cry 7 poster

“Far Cry 7: New Dawn” carries forward the acclaimed heritage of the succession, offering boundless open-realm landscapes and fascinating gameplay. This post-apocalyptic survival game challenges your skills to confront dangerous factions, navigate gracefully executed surroundings, and grow in a hostile realm.

At the heart of “Far Cry 7: New Dawn” lies its vast open landscape. Step into a carefully thought-out planet overflowing with different wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and fragments of a forgotten civilization. Embark on stirring quests, share in charming side endeavors, and reveal concealed treasures inside this rich and dangerous background.

The game places a powerful prominence on adaptability and player choice. You can create pivotal decisions that form the narrative and affect the lives of the characters you encounter. Whether you favor devious strategies, strength, or crafty approaches, “Far Cry 7: New Dawn” allows you to personalize your gameplay experience and engage in challenges in your one-of-a-kind fashion.

For those pursuing cooperative adventures, “Far Cry 7: New Dawn” offers seamless co-op gameplay. Join forces with companions to survey the post-apocalyptic realm, strategize collectively, and overcome challenges as a group. Additionally, exciting PvP clashes await, where you can test your abilities and game plans against others in stimulating multiplayer matches.

4) Overwatch 2

overwatch 2 start screen

“Overwatch” revolutionized the gaming industry with its dynamic characters, captivating gameplay, and focus on teamwork. “Overwatch 2,” the eagerly awaited sequel, hopes to expand on the popularity of its predecessor and add a variety of fresh content, such as heroes, maps, and game modes.

The increased hero roster in “Overwatch 2” is among its most intriguing features. The roster is further diversified, and new tactical possibilities are provided by introducing new heroes, each with unique skills and playstyles. So whatever your preferred playstyle—offense, defense, tanking, or support roles—there is a hero to match it and help your team win.

The story missions in “Overwatch 2” are also interesting and delve farther into the universe’s backstory. Discover the truth behind the global conflict, engage in epic cooperative fights against powerful foes, and follow the development of beloved characters as the story progresses. These narrative-driven PvE missions offer a welcome diversion from standard multiplayer games and a novel approach to becoming immersed in the Overwatch world.

Speaking of online multiplayer, “Overwatch 2” maintains its dedication to spirited competition. PvP modes that have been refined ensure the game stays interesting for fans looking for furious combat. The game also includes a brand-new mode called Push, where teams compete for possession of a robotic payload, making for an exhilarating and strategic battle that keeps you on the tip of your seat.

5) Halo: Infinite

halo infinite campaign

Epic sci-fi adventures have come to be associated with the “Halo” franchise, and “Halo: Infinite” wants to uphold that tradition. This most recent game in the venerable series elevates the Master Chief’s voyage and offers a superb experience that fuses traditional aspects with contemporary innovation.

The “Halo: Infinite” campaign occurs in a vast sandbox universe. Get ready to experience mind-blowing landscapes, partake in legendary battles, and reveal a transfixing story that goes deeper into the Master Chief’s backstory. You can explore, learn, and feel free in the expansive open-world setting as you travel across the game’s intricately detailed cosmos.

The “Halo” franchise has always strongly emphasized multiplayer, and “Halo: Infinite” breathes new life into the genre. A newly designed multiplayer option that seeks to recreate the charm of the series early years is featured in the game. “Halo: Infinite” aims to bring exhilarating multiplayer action for franchise veterans and newbies, focusing on classic arena gameplay, various competitive modes, and a new free-to-play framework.

Forge mode is returned in “Halo: Infinite” and allows you to create and share unique maps, game modes, and experiences with other players. Additionally, the game offers various customization options that let you individualize your Spartan and flaunt your style on the battlefield.


Prepare yourself for a refreshing excursion into the realm of First-person shooter games in 2023. The gaming industry is balanced to offer a stunning array of titles that will captivate players for hours in a row.

Whether you’re a fan of dystopian rivalry like “CyberStrike 2077: Rise of the Machines,” turbulent group-based crusades in “Overwatch 2,” or epic sci-fi exploits in “Halo: Infinite,” there’s something for each FPS devotee.

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