Best Family Games To Play In This Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year when families come together to celebrate and create lasting memories. Whether you have young children or adults in your family, there are plenty of classic Christmas games that can bring joy and laughter to everyone. In this guide, we will explore ten entertaining and slightly silly games that are perfect for playing with your family this Christmas.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph 

Pin the Nose on Rudolph is a delightful twist on the classic party game that guarantees laughs and excitement. To play, print out a large picture of Rudolph the reindeer, blindfold one member from each team, and have them try to stick a red nose on Rudolph’s face using English instructions from their teammates. This game not only brings out the competitive spirit but also encourages teamwork and communication skills among players of all ages.

Make Christmas Cards 

Get creative this Christmas by making personalized cards for your loved ones. This activity not only allows you to tap into your artistic skills but also provides an opportunity to practice writing in English. Start by teaching students about common symbols found on Christmas cards, such as plum pudding, stars, Christmas trees, and snowflakes. Then encourage them to choose who the card is for and let their imagination run wild as they draw or cut out symbols to decorate their cards.

Santa Says

Put a holiday twist on Simon Says with Santa Says! This game is perfect for getting everyone up and moving while learning action words in English. Have “Santa” lead the class in performing various holiday-themed actions like decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, or unwrapping presents. Not only does Santa Says promote physical activity, but it also reinforces vocabulary related to Christmas decorations, food, and traditions.

Find Someone Who

Break the ice and get to know your classmates or family members better with a game of Find Someone Who. Create a grid with Christmas-related statements such as “Would prefer a white Christmas this year” or “Can make a traditional Christmas meal.” Players must mingle and ask each other questions to find someone who matches each statement. This game encourages interaction, helps build new connections, and provides an opportunity to learn about different preferences and experiences during the holiday season.

Word Find

Challenge your family’s vocabulary skills with an exciting word find game. Split into teams and search for as many hidden words as you can within Christmas-themed terms like “Christmas” or “Roast turkey.” To make it even more challenging, set a time limit for each round. You can use online word unscrambler tools to generate possible words or create your own list of hidden words. The Word Find game is not only fun but also helps improve language skills and promotes healthy competition among players.

Christmas Carols

Spread the joy of Christmas by incorporating song-based English activities into classic carols. Start by listening to carols without lyrics, allowing students to write down any unfamiliar words they hear or phrases they don’t know. Then distribute the lyrics and teach new vocabulary found in the songs. Engage students further by using cloze exercises where certain parts of speech are removed from the lyrics. If available, play video clips or discuss famous movie scenes that feature these carols. Finally, have a sing-along session where everyone can participate and enjoy the festive tunes together.

Jump to the Front

Have some fun while learning about each other’s preferences and experiences with a game called Jump to the Front. Begin with all players lining up at the back of the room. The teacher reads out statements about Christmas, and participants step forward if they can relate to the statement. Statements could include things like “I am a Christmassy person” or “My family and I don’t exchange Christmas presents.” This game encourages interaction, stimulates conversation, and provides insight into different cultural backgrounds and traditions.

Christmas Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters always bring laughter and challenge pronunciation skills. Add a festive twist by incorporating Christmas-themed tongue twisters into your holiday activities. For example, try saying “Running reindeer romp ’round red wreaths” or “Eleven elves licked eleven little licorice lollipops.” Not only do these tongue twisters improve fluency and pronunciation but they also add an element of fun to any gathering. Challenge each other to see who can say them correctly and quickly!

Christmas Pictionary / Charades 

Put your creativity and acting skills to the test with Christmas Pictionary or Charades. Use common Christmas vocabulary from previous lessons for drawing or acting out different words or phrases related to the holiday season. To make it even more exciting, add a twist inspired by the board game Cranium. Roll a die to determine how you will communicate each term—drawing, acting, or creating it out of play dough. This game promotes creativity, boosts vocabulary retention, and guarantees lots of laughter.

Celebrity Heads

Give the classic guessing game a holiday spin by using famous Christmas characters or symbols in Celebrity Heads. Select three students to sit at the front of the class with their backs turned to the whiteboard, where names like Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, or Rudolph are written. The students must ask yes-or-no questions to discover which character or symbol they represent. This game not only enhances deductive reasoning skills but also introduces cultural diversity by including international and Southern Hemisphere Christmas elements.

Final Notes

Playing games with your family during Christmas is a wonderful way to create lasting memories and strengthen bonds. Whether it’s Pin the Nose on Rudolph or Christmas Pictionary, these classic games are sure to bring joy, laughter, and plenty of fun to your festivities. By engaging in these activities, you promote teamwork, communication skills, creativity, and cultural understanding. Make this Christmas memorable by playing these entertaining games with your loved ones.

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