Capcom Reveals REX Engine- Next-Gen Upgrade for RE Engine News

Capcom Reveals REX Engine: Next-Gen Upgrade for RE Engine

News Summary

  1. Capcom is making strides in game development with their upcoming REX Engine, designed to enhance the capabilities of their existing RE Engine, which powers popular titles like Monster Hunter: Rise and Resident Evil 4 Remake.

  2. This move was revealed in a developer-focused presentation on Capcom’s R&D channel, addressing the challenges they face with customizing technology for each game and their solution to develop a “new standard of engine” called REX.

  3. The rollout of this new technology is expected to occur in phases, with games like Dragon’s Dogma II and a rumored Monster Hunter title set to leverage the improved engine in the near future, solidifying Capcom’s reputation for delivering technically impressive games.

Capcom is working on an updated version of their RE Engine, which is the technology that makes games like Monster Hunter: Rise and Resident Evil 4 Remake look and play great.

They shared this news with game developers through a presentation on their R&D channel. This presentation talked about the challenges they face with the current technology, like the need to customize it a lot for each game.

Capcom’s solution to this challenge is to create a “new standard of engine” called REX.

They plan to introduce this new technology in stages. The next game to use the RE Engine will be Dragon’s Dogma II, and there are rumors of a new Monster Hunter game coming in 2024.

The RE Engine development started in 2014 and was first used in Resident Evil 7 in 2017. Many game developers use established engines like Unreal Engine, so Capcom’s decision to create their own engine was a bit unusual. However, it seems to have been a smart move because Capcom’s games are often praised for their technical quality on all gaming platforms.

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