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DIABLO IV Patch Notes – Everything You Need To Know

Exciting new items with incredible powers have been discovered just in time for the Season of Blood. You can only get these special items by playing at World Tier IV in either the Eternal or Seasonal Realms.

Unique Items:

  1. Tassets of the Dawning Sky (Generic Unique Pants): When you take damage that isn’t physical, you become more resistant to that type of damage for a short time.

  2. Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty (Barbarian Unique Helm): If you get even angrier when you’re already enraged, you might get even more damage, Fury, and cooldown reduction.

  3. Dolmen Stone (Druid Unique Amulet): When you use a move called Boulder while you have another move called Hurricane active, your boulders will start spinning around you.

  4. Scoundrel’s Leathers (Rogue Unique Chest): When you have unlimited energy from a move called Inner Sight, your main abilities might create traps like Caltrops or Poison Traps.

  5. Blood Moon Breeches (Necromancer Unique Pants): Your minions can sometimes curse your enemies, making them take more damage from your powerful attacks.

  6. Blue Rose (Sorcerer Unique Ring): When you hurt an enemy, there’s a chance it will create an icy explosion. This chance is even higher if the enemy is frozen.

  7. Godslayer Crown (Generic Unique Helm): When you stun, freeze, or immobilize a tough enemy or damage a boss, nearby enemies will be pulled in, and you’ll deal more damage to them for a short time.

  8. Flickerstep (Generic Unique Boots): Every time you dodge an enemy’s attack, your most powerful move will be ready to use again sooner.

  9. Tibault’s Will (Generic Unique Pants): You deal more damage when you’re unstoppable and for a few seconds after. When you become unstoppable, you get some of your main resource back.

  10. X’Fal’s Corroded Signet (Generic Unique Ring): Your damage-over-time effects might explode and hurt nearby enemies.

  11. Soulbrand (Unique Generic Chest): Instead of instantly healing you, your healing potion will give you a protective barrier for a short time. While you have this barrier, you take less damage.

  12. Banished Lord’s Talisman (Unique Generic Amulet): After using a lot of your main resource, your next powerful move is guaranteed to be extra powerful and hurt your enemies more.

Legendary Aspects:

  1. Aspect of Slaughter (Generic Mobility Aspect): This aspect makes you move faster by 20%, but if you get hit, you lose this speed boost for a short time (2.5-5 seconds).

  2. Aspect of Elements (Generic Offensive Aspect): This aspect boosts your damage by 20-30% against certain types of enemies for 7 seconds. It switches between two sets of damage types: Fire, Lightning, and Physical, and Cold, Poison, and Shadow.

  3. Wanton Rupture Aspect (Barbarian Offensive Aspect): Your Rupture attack won’t stop the Bleeding damage on your enemies. This happens once every 30-40 seconds.

  4. Raw Might Aspect (Druid Offensive Aspect): After you hit 15 enemies with your Werebear Skills, your next Werebear Skill will deal more damage (30-50%) and stun enemies for 2 seconds.

  5. Aspect of Artful Initiative (Rogue Offensive Aspect): When you spend 100 Energy, you release a cluster of exploding Stun Grenades that deal damage and stun enemies for a short time (0.5 seconds). Your Grenade Skills also deal more damage (15%).

  6. Aspect of the Long Shadow (Necromancer Offensive Aspect): With this aspect, your Shadow Damage Over Time effects have a chance (10-30%) to generate Essence, which is important for your abilities. Damage from your Shadowblight Key Passive will always generate 2 Essence.

  7. Battle Caster’s Aspect (Sorcerer Offensive Aspect): This aspect gives you a chance (30-40%) to increase the power of your Conjuration Skills when they hit. This can stack up to 3 times and lasts for 12 seconds.

Paragon Glyphs


  1. Twister: When you invest in Strength, your Dust Devils deal more damage. Additionally, you deal extra damage for a short time after creating a Dust Devil.

  2. Rumble: As you gain more Strength, your Earthquakes become more devastating. You also deal more damage to enemies that are under crowd control or are bosses for each active Earthquake.


  1. Electrocution: When you increase your Willpower, your Lightning Bolts and Dancing Bolts become more powerful. Enemies hit by your Lightning Bolts or Dancing Bolts will take extra damage from you for a short period.

  2. Tectonic: As you invest in Dexterity, your Earth Skills become more likely to critically strike, dealing even more damage. You also gain a better chance for lucky hits.


  1. Exhumation: By increasing your Intelligence, your Corpse skills inflict more damage. When you consume a Corpse, it makes you stronger by fortifying you and reducing the damage you take for a few seconds.

  2. Desecration: As you gain more Willpower, your Desecrated Ground deals more damage. When you’re standing in this ground, you deal extra Shadow Damage to your enemies.


  1. Explosive: When you boost your Dexterity, your Stun Grenades deal more damage. Using a Stun Grenade also temporarily reduces the damage you take.

  2. Nightstalker: With more Intelligence, your Shadow damage increases. Going into stealth mode also reduces the cooldown of your Shadow Imbuement ability.


  1. Stalagmite: By increasing your Intelligence, your Ice Spikes deal more damage. Your Ice Spikes also become more likely to land a critical hit.

  2. Invocation: When you invest in Dexterity, your Conjuration Skills become better at delivering critical strikes. Additionally, enemies hit by your Conjuration Skills deal less damage to you for a short time, and this effect can stack.

Gameplay Updates:


  • We’ve made the game more accessible. You now have more cursor options, including ones with higher contrast, making it easier to see and navigate. You can find these options in the Accessibility menu.
  • We’ve added a sound cue to let you know when you’re near something you can climb, like a ladder or a broken bridge you can jump over.

User Interface & User Experience:

  • You can now mark your items as “Favorite.” When you mark an item this way, it can’t be sold or salvaged accidentally.
  • You can also mark items in your stash as “Junk” or “Favorite” to keep things organized.
  • The stash now has a search and filter feature, so you can quickly find the items you’re looking for.
  • When you choose to sell all your junk items, the game will only sell items from your active inventory, not the stash.
  • If you have multiple extracted aspects with the same legendary power, they’ll be grouped together in your inventory and stash.
  • We’ve improved how normal affixes on items are sorted to make it more consistent and easier to understand.


  • Dungeons with active Whispers associated with them will now show the Aspect Name and Description on the map tooltip, giving you more information about them.

Player Options:

  • We’ve introduced a Streamer mode for players who want to keep their personal information hidden, like their character name or username. You can find these settings in the Connect Options menu.
  • You now have the option to hide combat text in the game settings, making your screen less cluttered during battles.
  • We’ve added an auto-run feature. When you press the auto-run button, your character will keep moving in the direction they’re facing until you take another action or use a skill.
  • You’ll receive an in-game announcement when a World Boss is about to spawn.
  • The visual effect on the map that shows active Helltide is now also displayed on the minimap.
  • We’ve zoomed out the minimap to show a wider area, giving you a better view of your surroundings.
  • We’ve added new icons on the map to mark Helltide Chests for jewelry, armor, and weapons.
  • You now have two extra character slots, bringing the total to 12.


Enchant Costs:

  • The cost to enchant items is now determined based on a combination of the item’s power and type rather than its sell value. This means that for Rare items, the initial enchant cost might be higher, but the subsequent costs will rise much more slowly than before. For Legendary items, enchant costs will generally be reduced.


  • Gems will no longer drop as loot from regular sources. Instead, you can craft them at a Jeweler.
  • What used to be Gem drops will now be Gem Fragments, which you can find in your Materials tab.
  • Crafted Gems can be salvaged back into Gem Fragments.
  • You’ll encounter Gem Fragments less often than you did with Gems from regular sources, but they will be more common in Whisper Caches.


  • The drop rate of elixirs has been decreased. The previous 0.5% chance of dropping from any monster is now only 0.02%.
  • This change is meant to reduce the clutter in your Consumable Inventory tab and encourage players to interact more deliberately with the elixirs they craft.

Whisper Caches:

  • Whisper Caches will now always reward items specific to the equipment slot, instead of random items.
  • The drop chance of the Scroll of Escape has been lowered from 0.1% to 0.025%.

Fiend Roses and Forgotten Souls:

  • You no longer need Fiend Roses and Forgotten Souls to upgrade non-Sacred or non-Ancestral items.

Item Power Ranges:

  • The ranges for item power on Sacred and Ancestral items have been adjusted:
    • Sacred: Previous Range: 625–720, New Range: 625–750
    • Ancestral: Previous Range: 725–820, New Range: 780–925
  • The item power range now depends on the level. For example, Sacred items at level 70 will have a power range of 655–730.

Forgotten Souls:

  • You can now obtain Forgotten Souls by salvaging items. The chances are as follows:
    • Salvaging a Sacred item has a 5% chance to grant a Forgotten Soul.
    • Salvaging an Ancestral item has a 10% chance to grant a Forgotten Soul.
    • Two-handed weapons can grant up to 2 Forgotten Souls from salvage, while all other equipment types can grant 1.

Loot Adjustments per World Tier:

  • In World Tiers I and II, the loot remains unchanged.
  • In World Tier III, only Legendary, Unique, Uber Unique, and Sacred Rare items will drop. You’ll receive extra crafting resources instead.
  • In World Tier IV, only Legendary, Unique, Uber Unique, and Ancestral Rares will drop. You’ll also get extra crafting resources.
  • Gold drop rates in World Tiers III and IV have been increased to balance these changes.


Entering Nightmare Dungeons:

  • When you teleport to a Nightmare Dungeon, you’ll now go inside the Dungeon instead of starting at the entrance.

Nightmare Sigils:

  • After you finish a Nightmare Dungeon, you’ll get Nightmare Sigils. Previously, you only got them after beating the final boss.

Monsters in Season of Blood Nightmare Dungeons:

  • In these dungeons, monsters will appear closer to the entrance. This makes it easier for you to start battling without a long walk.

Nightmare Dungeon Affix Adjustments:

  • Some changes have been made to the way affixes (special abilities for monsters) work in Nightmare Dungeons.
  • You can now dodge direct damage from major affixes (like Blood Blister and Death Pulse).
  • Backstabbers now make you Vulnerable when monsters attack you from behind, increasing the damage you take.
  • Death Pulse won’t trigger on monsters that already have death explosions.
  • Drifting Shade abilities have shorter duration and a longer respawn time.
  • Lightning Storm’s shock damage avoidance grants a speed boost.
  • Lightning Storm only starts when you’re in combat and have a clear path to where the bubble will appear.
  • Monster Critical Resist makes your critical strikes less effective for a few seconds after monster attacks.
  • Monster Overpower Resist reduces the damage of your next Overpower attack after a monster hits you.
  • Potion Breakers increase the cooldown of your next potion when monsters attack you from a distance.
  • Poisonous Evade now leaves a damaging pool of poison under the first enemy you evade through or at your destination.
  • Resistance Breaker lowers your resistances when monsters attack from a distance.
  • Thorns now increase after you attack an enemy, boosting your thorns damage for a short time.

Glyph Experience:

  • You’ll now gain more glyph experience overall, with a significant boost at the lower tiers. Across all tiers, there’s a 19% increase in glyph experience.

Dungeon Visual Updates:

  • Many dungeons have received visual improvements and layout changes to make them more interesting and reduce the need for backtracking. The goal is to make dungeons feel more engaging and less frustrating.

Miscellaneous Quality of Life Updates:

  • Various dungeons have received quality of life improvements to enhance the overall experience of playing through them.

Endgame Activities:

Legion Events:

  • The time between Legion Events, which are special in-game events, has been reduced from 30 minutes to 25 minutes.
  • Now, every Legion Event will come with a specific goal known as a Whisper objective.
  • The monsters you encounter during Legion Events will have more health, making the battles a bit tougher. This is because players mentioned that monsters used to be defeated too quickly.

Experience Reward:

  • You’ll get 75% more experience as a reward for completing a Legion Event.

World Bosses:

  • The time between appearances of powerful World Bosses has been shortened from 6 hours to 3.5 hours.
  • World Bosses are now stronger, with more health and damage.
  • The rewards you get for defeating a World Boss are now much better.
  • You’ll receive a warning an hour before a World Boss shows up (previously it was 30 minutes), and you’ll get another reminder 15 minutes before the World Boss arrives.
  • World Bosses will become immune to damage 2 seconds after they start trying to escape.


  • Silent Chests can now appear in areas where Helltide, another in-game event, is happening.
  • The level of Nightmare Sigils you get from Whisper Caches will always be within 5 levels of the highest-level Nightmare Dungeon you’ve completed. This respects the minimum and maximum levels based on your World Tier.

Quality of Life Updates:

  • Various quality of life improvements have been made to Whispers. This includes moving the altars that collect resources to a more central location and reducing the number of monsters you need to defeat to complete certain objectives.

Whisper Caches:

  • Whisper Caches will now reward you with significantly more gold, and you’ll also get more Gem Fragments. This makes the rewards from these caches much better.



  • Mounts are now more responsive and less likely to get stuck or slow down unexpectedly.
  • Mounts will consistently jump over obstacles, making your ride smoother.
  • For players using a keyboard and mouse, you no longer need to move your cursor to the edge of the screen to reach the maximum mount speed.
  • The base movement speed of mounts has been increased by 14%. This doesn’t affect their top speed.


  • The speed boost from Spur now lasts 50% longer.
  • You can use Spur to break through barricades.


  • The cooldown for manually summoning your mount has been reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • The cooldown after you’ve been forced to dismount due to taking damage is now 15 seconds instead of 30.
  • The cooldown for using a mounted combat skill (e.g., Barbarian’s Bounding Slam) has been reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds.

Town Adjustments:

  • An Occultist has set up shop at The Tree of Whispers waypoint.
  • Extra storage stashes have been added to capital cities near important vendors.
  • Stashes are now available in all small towns with waypoints, and the Purveyors of Curiosities have set up shop closer to the waypoints in specific locations.
  • Some waypoints will automatically unlock for characters skipping the campaign to provide more convenience.


  • The difficulty of monsters and bosses in the game has been adjusted to match other changes in Season of Blood, ensuring the game’s overall challenge remains consistent.

Level Scaling:

  • The levels of monsters you encounter in the open world will now scale with your character’s level, within a range set by your World Tier. For example:
    • World Tiers I and II: Levels 1-50
    • World Tier III: Minimum 55, Maximum 70
    • World Tier IV: Minimum 75, Maximum 100
  • Many monsters are now less evasive, making them easier to hit.
  • The cooldown for teleportation used by Knight monsters has been increased, and the range has been decreased.
  • The Cold Explosion attack from Spider Hosts now chills instead of freezing you.
  • The Death Explosion from Bloated Corpsefiends no longer has a knockback effect.
  • Spider Hosts, Bloated Corpsefiends, and Fly Hosts will no longer appear with the Fire Enchanted or Plaguebearer abilities.
  • The Ground Slam ability of Seething Abominations now creates a poison pool under the player.
  • Ghost monsters now have a visual update, making them look better in the game.

Experience Updates:


  • Incenses now provide an experience bonus, and this bonus will continue even after your character dies.

Party and World Tier Bonuses:

  • The experience bonuses for being in a party and playing in higher World Tiers have been changed to work together more effectively. This means you’ll get even more experience as you progress through the game.

Killing Higher-Level Monsters:

  • You’ll now earn significantly more experience from defeating monsters at higher levels. Here are some examples of the experience you’d get from a regular monster, before any other bonuses:
    • Levels 1-50: No change
    • Level 55:
      • Before: 370
      • Now: 425
    • Level 70:
      • Before: 445
      • Now: 700
    • Level 90:
      • Before: 545
      • Now: 850

Whispers, Grim Favors, and Helltide Chests:

  • The experience rewards for various in-game activities have been increased.
  • When you open a Helltide Chest, you’ll get a significant bonus to experience, especially in World Tier III and IV.
  • Rewards for turning in Grim Favors have also been boosted, with the biggest increase in World Tiers I and II.
  • The experience rewards for completing individual Whispers at different tiers have also been increased.

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Necromancer Minions and Druid Companions: They are now less likely to waste their attacks on enemies that cannot be hurt, making them more efficient.
  • Overpower Effects: Abilities that guarantee an Overpower on your next hit will always be used on your next appropriate attack, even if it doesn’t hit an enemy. If you have multiple such effects activated, only one will be consumed per attack.
  • Renown Rewards: All Renown rewards you earn will carry over between Seasons and to new characters.
  • World Tier Quests: The level at which you receive the main quest to unlock the next World Tier difficulty has been increased for higher World Tiers. For example:
    • In World Tier III, you’ll get the quest at level 48 instead of 40.
    • In World Tier IV, it’s at level 68 instead of 60.
  • Side Quest Rewards: The rewards for completing side quests will now scale with higher World Tiers, giving you more benefits as you progress.
  • Salvage Caches: You’ll find more Veiled Crystals in Salvage Caches, and there’s a slight increase in the number of Rare Leather and Rare Ore drops. Additionally, Salvage Caches will now contain an item.
  • Traps in the World: The effects of various traps in the game have been adjusted. For example:
    • Barrels now explode once without a lingering effect, and they chill monsters.
    • Bear Traps last 1 second (3 seconds for monsters), can be passively dodged, and immobilize players instead of stunning them.
    • Mines apply knockback, with Cold Mines chilling players and freezing monsters, while Lightning Mines stun monsters and can be passively dodged.
    • Rock Drops slow players when hit and knock down monsters for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Increased Monster Density: More monsters will appear in the following events:
    • Sole Survivor
    • Cursed Shrine
    • Nest
    • Rest for the Weary
    • Immolation
    • Eternal Torment
    • Wayward Soul
  • Event Progression Speed: The speed of progression has been increased for these events:
    • Last Stand
    • Wandering Soul
    • Sole Survivor
    • Cursed Shrine
    • Rest for the Weary
    • Wayward Soul
  • Stranded NPC Health: NPCs that need to be protected for certain events now scale better in higher-level areas and dungeons to make them more resilient.
  • Hardcore Disconnects: If a Hardcore player disconnects during combat, a scroll of escape will automatically be used to teleport the character to a safe location.

Balance Updates:

Unique Items:

  • The developers aim to make unique items more impactful and exciting by introducing several changes to them:
    • Adding new affixes that didn’t exist on items before.
    • Boosting existing affixes to much higher values.
    • Adding affixes in slots where they weren’t normally found.
    • Enhancing the unique powers of these items to make them more appealing.

Examples of Unique Item Changes:

  • The Butcher’s Cleaver: Increased damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies.
  • Frostburn: Longer freeze duration and now provides attack speed.
  • Mother’s Embrace: Replaced Overpower damage with bonus maximum life and reduced the number of enemies required for a Resource refund.
  • Fists of Fate: Replaced healing affix with a damage boost.
  • Andariel’s Visage: Increased poison resistance.


  • Resistances previously worked differently, becoming less effective with each source of resistance. Now they stack additively, with a maximum cap of 70%.

Single Resistance Affixes:

  • You can now find these on pants, and they contribute a maximum of +35% resistance for normal items, +48% for sacred items, and +65% for ancestral items.

All Resistance Affixes:

  • Contribute a maximum of +9% resistance for normal items, +12% for sacred items, and +16% for ancestral items.

Ring and Amulet Inherent Affixes:

  • Rings grant +% Resistance to All Elements and +% Single Resistance.
  • Amulets provide +14% resistance to all elements for a fully upgraded normal item, +19% for sacred, and +24% for ancestral.

Resistance Values on Gems:

  • Adjusted across various gem grades.


  • Elixir of Magic Resist is now available at a lower level.
  • Other elixirs have been adjusted for resistance bonuses.


  • The bonuses provided by various incenses have been updated.


  • Various aspects of armor have been adjusted and improved to enhance the effectiveness of armor-based builds.

Attributes and Affixes:

  • Various attributes and affixes have been updated to improve balance and provide greater flexibility for different character builds.

Damage Calculation Changes:

  • To promote more build diversity, the calculation of Critical Strike, Vulnerable, and Overpower damage has been changed. These will now have a baseline multiplicative bonus, while additional sources of bonus damage from these stats will be additive to other damage bonuses.

Overpower Damage:

  • Overpower attacks will now deal up to 50% increased damage, based on your current life percentage. This damage increases with your Fortify and bonus life.

Critical Strike Damage:

  • Critical Strikes will deal 50% increased damage, with various affixes and bonuses improved.

Vulnerable Damage:

  • Dealing damage to a Vulnerable enemy will deal 20% increased damage, with related affixes and bonuses enhanced.


  • The Death’s Defense passive ability has been modified, and now, all minions will take up to 30% of their maximum Life as damage in a single hit. Additional details about this change are in the Necromancer section below.

Battle Pass Updates:

  • The Battle Pass Smoldering Ashes Tiers now automatically redeem, making it easier for you to access your rewards.
  • The level requirements for these Tiers have been lowered on average by 15 levels, making it more attainable for players.
  • You can now obtain 700 Platinum from Tiers in the Premium Battle Pass, increased from the previous 666 Platinum.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a problem where the Screen Reader feature didn’t read text on the “Delete Character” and “Skip Campaign” buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where the Screen Reader didn’t read the key-bindings for “Shift + I.”
  • Fixed an issue where the Screen Reader didn’t read the “Menu” button for Xbox Controllers.



  • Fixed an issue where using Deathblow with both the Earthstriker Aspect and Burning Rage Aspect equipped caused Overpower damage from Earthstriker to apply to Burning Rage instead of Deathblow.
  • Fixed an issue where the guaranteed overpower from the Earthstriker Aspect didn’t fully apply to all damage dealt by an ability (e.g., only the initial enemy hit by Hammer of The Ancients took overpower damage).
  • Fixed an issue where using Bounding Slam in certain locations could make the player warp back to their starting position and become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where Bounding Slam could get the player stuck in terrain or Fog Walls.
  • Fixed an issue where using Charge at a certain angle on flat walls could make the player move backward.
  • Fixed an issue where the Conceited Aspect didn’t grant bonus damage while Iron Skin was active.
  • The status effect for Expose Vulnerability will now properly display on the bonus bar.
  • Fixed an issue where Deathblow would reset when used on a breakable object.
  • Fixed an issue where Call of the Ancients displayed a Lucky Hit chance on the tooltip, even though the skill didn’t trigger Lucky Hits.
  • Fixed an issue where Barbarians could have visual errors when using the Murdering Call emote.
  • Fixed an issue where the next rank tooltip for a Weapon Mastery skill could display inaccurate information if the Weapon Master’s Aspect was equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the timer for the Dominate Glyph would reset when moving items in the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Gushing Wounds didn’t indicate that the bonus is multiplicative.
  • Fixed an issue where Whirlwind only applied the Expose Vulnerability passive to its first cast.


  • Fixed an issue where a max roll Symbiotic Aspect didn’t have max roll stats when imprinted on an Amulet.
  • Fixed an issue where Primal Landslide’s Terra motes weren’t created by free casts of Landslide from the Trampled Earth Aspect if Landslide wasn’t equipped.
  • The tooltip for Provocation has now been adjusted to clarify that Defensive skills can’t trigger it.
  • Fixed an issue where using a Healing Potion could reset the stacks from Provocation.
  • Fixed an issue where the entangle effect from the Constricting Tendrils Paragon node could be applied to the player if using Fierce Earth Spike.
  • Fixed an issue where Storm’s Companion would erroneously display the Wolves skill as a Storm and Nature Magic Skill on the skill’s tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where casting Boulder on the edge of the suppressor field generated by Elites would instantly destroy the boulder.
  • Fixed an issue where Poison applied by Poison Creeper wouldn’t be consumed by Werebear attacks using the Aspect of the Changeling’s Debt.
  • Fixed an issue where the Aspects of Retaliation and the Expectant didn’t apply bonus damage to Boulder.
  • Fixed an issue where Wolves didn’t revert from Werewolves if the Aspect of The Alpha was unequipped in town.
  • Fixed an issue where Earth Spike wasn’t properly identified as a Werebear skill by Vasily’s Prayer for other effects that interact with Werebear skills.
  • Fixed an issue where combining the effect of Supreme Grizzly Rage with Direwolf’s aspect would cause the stealth granted by Waxing Gibbous when using Shred to be instantly canceled.
  • Fixed an issue where the permanent Werewolf form from Mad Wolf’s Glee didn’t consistently trigger the Damage Reduction from the Vigorous Aspect.
  • Fixed an issue where the Early Offerings challenge inconsistently gained progress.
  • Fixed an issue where the Staff of Whispers quest reward could be traded.
  • Fixed an issue where the +3 Skill Ranks bonus on Mad Wolf’s Glee and Insatiable Fury would become +4 when upgrading the item at the Blacksmith.
  • Fixed an issue where Innate Earthen Bulwark scaled with the target’s health instead of with the player’s weapon. (Developer’s Note: Innate Earthen Bulwark now scales with the player’s weapon, which is consistent with other skills.)
  • Fixed an issue where the slow from the Neurotoxin Passive only applied for poison directly applied by the player and not by any companions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Fur passive wasn’t granted when wearing Insatiable Fury.
  • Fixed an issue where Damage from the Changeling’s Debt Aspect couldn’t apply correctly within a Suppressor Field.


  • Fixed multiple issues where Bone Prisons in certain situations and locations could negatively affect NPC behavior or quest and event progression.
  • Fixed an issue where Ghastly Bone Prison’s Vulnerable effect could trigger Lucky Hits.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Golem didn’t reflect any increase in maximum health.
  • Fixed an issue where the Aspect of Gore Quills could infinitely launch Blood Lances from other player’s Blood Orbs without consuming them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Aspect of Serration displayed its bonus as additive when it was actually multiplicative.
  • Fixed an issue where healing from Blood Mist would grant stacks from the Aspect of Disobedience.
  • Fixed an issue where Fortify from the Blood Drinker Glyph wasn’t granted when picking up Blood Orbs while in Blood Mist.
  • Fixed an issue where Rathma’s Vigor would stack while mounted.
  • Fixed an issue where casting Decompose on an enemy just before their death from another source of damage could cause the player to become temporarily stuck.
  • The tooltip for the power on Lidless Wall now better describes its requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where Minions didn’t fully benefit from the weapon damage modifier provided by Shields.
  • Fixed an issue where Necromancers couldn’t rotate while casting a channeled spell if they had a one-handed weapon equipped but nothing equipped in their off-hand.
  • Fixed an issue where the Corporeal Glyph’s physical damage bonus wouldn’t grant any bonuses in certain slots. Bonus Physical Damage to nodes within range has been changed to bonus Magic Damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the guaranteed Overpower from Rathma’s Vigor could be consumed on a blood echo instead of on a cast skill, such as Blood Surge.


  1. When Rogues use the Grasp of Shadow skill to create a Shadow Clone and cast Rain of Arrows, the Shadow Clone will now correctly apply Imbuement, just like it’s supposed to.

  2. Before, male Rogues had trouble moving while reviving another player unless they used the Evade skill. But now, this issue is fixed.

  3. There was a problem where enemies could target Rogues even when they were supposed to be hidden with Concealment. This is now resolved.

  4. An issue with energy counting towards Preparation was fixed. Now, if you use a Marksman Core skill and then a Cutthroat Basic Skill, it will properly count the energy spent.

  5. Rogues had an issue where objects like breakable items and critters were counted as enemies when using Improved and Enhanced Penetrating Shot. This is no longer a problem.

  6. The Energizing Aspect used to generate energy when hitting certain non-elite enemies like breakable objects. This behavior has been corrected.

  7. Sometimes, when Rogues fired arrows using the Volley skill, the arrows would go in the wrong direction if they were near a wall. This bug is fixed.

  8. The tooltip for the Aspect of Bursting Venoms wrongly said it was triggered by critical strikes. In reality, any Poison-imbued skills dealing damage would activate it.

  9. The Enshrouding Aspect wasn’t consistently granting Dark Shroud stacks when standing still for three or more seconds. This inconsistency is resolved.

  10. An issue where the Shadow Clone created by Grasp of Shadow didn’t complete a Cast of Twisting Blades has been fixed.

  11. There was a problem where the Shadow Clone from Grasp of Shadow didn’t apply Poison Damage as it should.


  1. The Acrobatics Elixir didn’t reduce the cooldown of the Teleport Enchantment as intended. This is fixed.

  2. The Enchantment Master Legendary Paragon node didn’t provide any benefit to the Teleport Enchantment. Additionally, the Teleport Enchantment’s cooldown tooltip will now accurately display the cooldown reduction granted by Enchantment Master.

  3. A problem where Deep Freeze could be used while moving on a horse by mounting it immediately after casting Deep Freeze is fixed.

  4. Challenge trackers for killing enemies with specific Elemental skills weren’t tracking correctly. This is resolved.

  5. The Embers from Flamescar could have excessive Critical Strike damage when using the Elementalist Aspect. This issue is fixed.

  6. Gaining damage from the Winter Glyph was inconsistent, but now it’s working properly.

  7. The Aspect of Static Cling used to increase the Mana cost of Charged Bolts, but it shouldn’t. This bug is fixed.

  8. Tooltips for Ball Lightning and the Enhanced Ball Lightning upgrade now correctly display the damage.

  9. Some ranged skills used by players didn’t hit an enemy they teleported directly to, and some ranged attacks against the player by that enemy also didn’t hit. This issue is now resolved.

  10. Frost Nova wasn’t counting as a cooldown spell for certain effects, but it should. This bug is fixed.

  11. The bonus from Esu’s Ferocity was applying as a bonus to all damage instead of just Critical Strike damage. This has been corrected.

  12. The bonus duration from Mage’s Blizzard didn’t work correctly for casts of Blizzard that were made above 50 Mana but still took the player’s Mana below 50. This is fixed.

  13. Temporary movement speed increases now contribute to the Critical Strike chance increase from Esu’s Heirloom.

  14. The tooltip for Ice Blades now properly updates Lucky Hit Chance.

  15. Chain Lightning could sometimes fail to bounce when used on stairs, but this problem has been fixed.

  16. When charging enemies got near a player with Raiment of the Infinite equipped, they could stun the player. This issue is resolved.

  17. The tooltip for Greater Ice Shards now correctly describes that the upgrade guarantees Ice Shards will ricochet and deal bonus damage when the player has an active barrier.

Cooperative Play:

  1. There were several problems in cooperative play that got fixed. In some cases, the behavior of bosses would go wrong if not all players were inside a specific area called the Fog Wall.

  2. Another issue occurred when players couldn’t pass through the Fog Wall during a boss fight in Eriman’s Pyre if everyone wasn’t in the right spot when the fight began.

  3. There used to be a situation where accepting both an invitation to join a party and a request to join a party would show a warning message that you couldn’t dismiss. This was a bug, but it’s now fixed.

  4. Sometimes, when a player did something that made their party members teleport to their location, but the player left that spot, it would make the other party members appear in random places. This bug is no more.

  5. There were times when players couldn’t interact with something called the Wanderer’s Shrine in a Stronghold unless everyone in their party was gathered properly. This has been fixed.

  6. Joining an Echo of Lilith fight could be dangerous because players could get killed as soon as they joined. This issue is now resolved.

  7. In the Diviner quest, when players tried to activate separate Runestones together, some of them would fail unexpectedly. This problem has been fixed.

  8. An issue that made the “Reset Dungeon” button visible for non-party leaders is no longer a problem.

  9. Sometimes, a Nightmare Dungeon would split into different instances if all party members entered it at the same time. This issue has been fixed.

  10. Players couldn’t join each other’s parties if one player changed their World Tier to a higher level, and the other player(s) couldn’t join at that level. This has been fixed.

  11. If someone in your party disbanded it, you couldn’t be invited to other parties, which was a bug. It’s fixed now.

  12. There was an issue where Sorcerer Conjurations could appear partially invisible to other players in the party, which doesn’t happen anymore.

  13. There was a situation where players could enter a Hardcore Realm with a non-Hardcore character under certain circumstances. This problem is now resolved.

  14. Players sometimes got stuck while doing certain actions when another player was joining them for Local Co-Op. These issues are fixed.

Dungeons (General and Nightmare Dungeons):

  1. Too many powerful Elites used to appear near the Bloodstone location in the Desecrated Crypt, but this has been corrected.

  2. Invisible walls sometimes blocked player attacks in various locations, like Zenith, Hallowed Glacier, Caldera Gate, and Rimescar Cavern. This is now fixed.

  3. In the Tomb of the Saints, enemies could spawn behind a locked door during events, which caused trouble. This issue is resolved.

  4. The Overseer could spawn behind a locked door in Cultist Refuge, blocking progression. This problem is fixed.

  5. Sometimes, enemies that were supposed to lose their immunity when teleporting remained immune in Raethwind Wilds and Luban’s Rest. This issue is resolved.

  6. In the Fallen Temple, two stone carvings used to drop if players completed specific objectives in the wrong order. Now, that’s fixed.

  7. In the Flooded Depths, players could bypass a closed gate using the Sorcerer’s Teleport skill. This issue is no longer a problem.

  8. In Hoarfrost Demise, elite goatman monsters could spawn infinitely, which caused issues. This has been fixed.

  9. In the Fallen Temple, curses applied to the player would reset when leaving the Dungeon, which isn’t the case anymore.

  10. In the Kor Dragan Barracks, players could spawn behind a locked door, blocking progress. This issue is fixed.

  11. The Sole Survivor event in the Sealed Archives could stop spawning enemies before all waves were completed, which is now resolved.

  12. In the Ancient Reservoir, enemies could spawn beyond a barrier, blocking progression. This problem is fixed.

  13. The Holdout event in Halls of the Damned could be bypassed, which isn’t possible anymore.

  14. Several cases where returning a mechanical box to the pedestal didn’t restore Life are now fixed.

  15. The Bastion of Faith didn’t have Fog Walls around the final arena, but now it does.

  16. In Nightmare Dungeons, evading through the Drifting Shade could stop players mid-action, but that’s fixed now.

  17. The immunity bubble spawned in Nightmare Dungeons could be bypassed, but it’s no longer an issue.

  18. Stormbane’s Wrath could spawn outside the map in Nightmare Dungeons, but not anymore.

  19. Nightmare Dungeons would reset and separate for party members after waiting 10 minutes outside, but they’ll now reset without separating.

  20. There used to be a delay between defeating the boss at the end of the Dungeon and the game registering it as completed. This delay is removed.

Events and Whispers:

  1. During the Legion Invasion event, there was an issue where the Servant of Hell could lose its invincibility if the player died or the monster targeted a mounted player. This problem is fixed.

  2. The Potent Blood event had an issue where players could achieve the mastery event even if they didn’t kill all the monsters in time. This has been corrected.

  3. The Hold Your Ground event could sometimes end even when there were still enemies left to defeat. This issue is now resolved.

  4. The Butcher, a formidable foe, wouldn’t disappear if a player got killed while the Last Stand event was active. This problem is fixed.

  5. After failing the mastery for a Last Stand event, enemies could keep spawning indefinitely. This is no longer the case.

  6. The Wayward Soul event could go on forever if the player repeatedly moved in and out of the area around the soul. This is now fixed.

  7. In the Demon Vessel event, the mastery wouldn’t be rewarded if the prisoners were freed too quickly. This issue has been fixed.

  8. Several issues related to the Ancient Obelisk event and pressure plates while mounted are now resolved.

  9. There were instances where objectives would appear outside of a Whisper’s designated area, but this has been fixed.

Gameplay (Monsters):

  1. In some areas like the Echoing Cavern, Webbed Barricades couldn’t be damaged with Core skills. This issue is fixed.

  2. Monsters could disappear if they were Feared and then reset when the player left their area. This is no longer a problem.

  3. The Seething Abomination could enter an area called Alzuuda, which has been corrected.

  4. Some Fallen Shaman bosses could miss their attacks when players were up close, but that’s fixed.

  5. Ghost monsters, especially the melee variants, used to not attack players when taunted. This is resolved.

  6. Ward of Eyes monsters could apply their stun more often than they should, but now that’s fixed.

  7. In some cases, enemies spawning after activating an Altar of Lilith would appear underground. This is no longer an issue.

  8. There was an issue where the damage area displayed by Echo of Lilith wouldn’t appear after using an Elixir of Death evasion during the encounter. This problem is fixed.

  9. The Pitiless Gur could be killed from a distance without engaging the player, which is no longer possible.

  10. Putrid Remains monsters could spawn repeatedly, but this is now resolved.

  11. Ghost monsters sometimes appeared invisible when they were affected by Burn effects. This issue is fixed.

  12. The Innes boss could have all movement and actions stopped if staggered at a specific point. This is no longer a problem.

  13. There used to be no notification when the Butcher escaped, but now there is.

  14. The Butcher wouldn’t use his ranged sickle attack across pits or chasms, but this is fixed.

  15. Ghost monsters had issues with their death animation, which is now resolved.

  16. Bloated Corpsefiends with the Summoner Affix could spawn idle and unkillable monsters. This problem is fixed.


  1. Nightmare Sigils could drop from World Boss caches in World Tiers II and III, where Nightmare Dungeons aren’t accessible. This issue is fixed.

  2. Poison Puddles caused excessive controller vibration, but this issue is resolved.

  3. The Thorns damage from the Needleflare Aspect used to ignore Damage Bonus and Damage Reduction effects. This is no longer the case.

  4. There was an issue where rotating in place, like while casting Incinerate, counted as movement and canceled the effect of the Aspect of Inner Calm. This problem is fixed.

  5. The Scroll of Escape could sometimes not trigger properly in the event of a disconnect, but this is resolved.

  6. Certain barricades could be passed through while mounted, which is no longer possible.

  7. The visual effect around the player from the Blast Wave Shrine could become less visible after Evading or Dashing, but this issue is fixed.

  8. Players couldn’t summon their Horse during the Duriel boss fight, but now they can.

  9. Some tracking buffs, like stacks from the Shadow Blight passive, could be lost when performing an inventory action. This is fixed.

  10. Helltide Firestorm could deal more damage than intended, but now it’s corrected.

  11. The Elixir of Demon-Slaying buff would disappear when entering or leaving a town, which is no longer the case.

  12. Some buffs that should be removed when entering a town were not properly removed when using a town portal to go back to town. This problem is fixed.

  13. Paragon nodes that granted bonuses to non-physical damage used to be multiplicative instead of additive, but now they work correctly.

  14. There was an issue where effects applied by a player on a monster allowed other players to benefit unexpectedly. This issue is now fixed.

  • Destruction
  • Elementalist
  • Spirit
  • Canny
  • Chip
  • Devious


  1. There was a problem with Vigo’s Protecting Amulet that wouldn’t let players salvage it. Now, this is fixed.

  2. If you marked items as junk and then traded them, the junk status would stick for the other player. This issue is no longer a problem.

  3. Certain crafting materials were showing up in the Lost Item stash when they shouldn’t. This is fixed.

  4. The Recipe for Curative Elixir could be lost forever, but now it goes to the Lost Item Stash if you don’t acquire it after completing the Pinch of Poison quest.


  1. Progression in Moordaine Lodge could get stuck if you reached the Beast’s Lair before the boss. This is fixed.

  2. Players could attack monsters without them retaliating from the other side of a traversal in Moordaine Lodge, but this is resolved.

  3. There were instances where boss fights couldn’t reset properly in various Strongholds. This is fixed.

  4. Players could get stuck behind the Wanderer’s Shrine in different Strongholds, but not anymore.

  5. During the Drowned assault objective in Hope’s Light, players could avoid enemies by going down a ladder off the ship. This issue is now resolved.

  6. Baelgemoth could be damaged from outside the Fog Wall in Túr Dúlra, which is no longer possible.

  7. Baelgemoth could sometimes disappear temporarily, but now this issue is fixed.

  8. Players could avoid all enemies by mounting during the survival event for opening the Serpent’s Eye Door in Vyeresz. This is no longer possible.

  9. The Serpent’s Eye door could be evaded through, blocking progression. This issue is resolved.

  10. Enemies could target players on the other side of the Serpent’s Eye Door, making it appear open and blocking progression. This is no longer an issue.

  11. Players could mount in the boss area in Vyeresz, preventing the boss from spawning and blocking progression. This issue is resolved.

  12. Players could destroy eggs and pillars before beginning the boss fight in the Temple of Rot, which is now fixed.

  13. The High Priest enemy in the Altar of Ruin wouldn’t attack the player if it spawned with certain Affixes. This is resolved.

  14. Crazed villagers could disappear in Nostrava when the player left the area, blocking progression. This problem is fixed.

  15. Enemies could be lured into a particular place in Malnok where they could be attacked without retaliation. This issue is now resolved.

  16. The Crusader’s Monument objective to collect skulls could be completed by repeatedly using one skull. This is fixed.

  17. Nilcar in Kor Dragan could be blocked by the Necromancer’s Minions, which is no longer a problem.


  1. Some quests didn’t properly grant Renown progress, but this is fixed.

  2. The Poachers could be non-interactable at the end of Tending Nature, which is resolved.

  3. In the Lilith Boss fight, if a Barbarian player Leaped into the Fog Wall, the fight could reset. This issue is fixed.

  4. Brol’s charge could still deal damage to the player even if he died during the charge, which is no longer possible.

  5. Players could enter the chapel in Nevesk before opening the door with the key, blocking quest progression. This issue is resolved.

  6. During the Apex of Misery fight, enemies could become passive, and no damage would be dealt to the player while Aridah was immune. This is fixed.

  7. Valtha could get stuck when teleporting during the Witch of the Wastes quest, but now this issue is resolved.

  8. Elias’ pathing could be blocked by the player while fighting him during Piercing the Veil, allowing Elias to be damaged without engaging the player. This issue is resolved.

  9. In the Find Aneta step, Heretic could have progression blocked, but this is fixed.

  10. Some Quest progression could be blocked if the Quest was abandoned in the middle of it. This issue is resolved.

  11. If Ninsa’s minions were killed too quickly during In Desolation’s Wake, progression could be blocked. This is no longer a problem.

  12. During Guardians of the Pit, enemies could be lured out of the Quest area and block progression. This issue is resolved.

  13. Enemies could spawn too far away during the Flesh and Blood quest, but this issue is resolved.

  14. The quest Desperate Remedies didn’t actually reward the amulet mentioned, which is now fixed.

  15. By Three They Come could have progression blocked due to Ghouls not spawning. This is no longer a problem.

User Interface:

  1. The indicator Icon for the Taunt effect had inconsistencies between Classes, which are fixed.

  2. Some stats and tooltips, such as Damage Over Time, Damage Reduction, Elemental Resistances, or Skill Cooldowns would show different values depending on whether the player was in town or not. This issue is fixed.

  3. The Elixir of Fortitude displayed its max life increase as 30% when it was actually 20%. This is resolved.

  4. Some Challenges didn’t have descriptions, which is now fixed.

  5. The tooltip for the active effect from an Elixir didn’t mention the experience bonus, but now it does.

  6. The Social Wheel could become unresponsive if all actions were unassigned, but this is resolved.

  7. The options on the Social Wheel could appear grayed out if the wheel was closed because of another menu being opened. This issue is fixed.

  8. The notification for acquiring a Paragon Point didn’t have a button prompt when playing with a controller. This is now fixed.

  9. The tooltip for Dungeons that have active Whispers associated with them would display the Codex of Power Aspect rewarded for completion even if the Aspect had already unlocked. This is no longer the case.

  10. Text in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese did not display properly in the Hall of Fallen Heroes or friends list notes. This issue is resolved.

  11. Druids and Barbarians could appear as silhouettes in loading screens, but now this is fixed.

  12. The Map would become unresponsive if opening the Map while using Force Move. This issue is resolved.

  13. A Map Pin could change its location after using a Waypoint. This issue is fixed.

  14. Switching between the edit tab and other tabs in the Stash while playing with a controller could cause the menu to malfunction. This issue is resolved.

  15. Some damage bonus stats did not display properly in the Character Stats window, which is now fixed.

  16. The selected tab in the Vendor menu would switch automatically when the shop’s timer refreshed, but this is no longer the case.

  17. Various instances where Challenge descriptions would not expand when interacted with are now fixed.

  18. Various other issues where tooltips and text descriptions were inaccurate or displayed incorrectly are resolved.

  19. Various other issues with Map Pins and Quest Markers are fixed.

  20. Various instances where the Map and/or Minimap could be inaccurate are now resolved.

  21. The Snowveiled and Disobedience Legendary aspects incorrectly displayed their bonuses as multiplicative instead of additive, but now they work correctly.


  1. Horses, which are exclusively in zones where they cannot be damaged, were included in the Endangered Species challenge criteria. This is no longer the case.

  2. The Killer’s Hand Gloves would disappear from the Fields of Hatred Odds and Ends vendor if all other cosmetics from that Vendor were purchased. This is resolved.

  3. The Grandfather was available as a Wardrobe customization unlock, but uber-unique items are not supposed to be available for this. This issue is resolved.

  4. An Ore Node in Kor Dragan could repeatedly respawn after the player left the area during Helltide, but this is now fixed.

  5. Players could get stuck on terrain while mounted in multiple instances. This is resolved.

  6. The Swift Delver Challenge could be awarded in certain instances that did not involve killing a boss monster. This is no longer possible.

  7. Baleful Chests could spawn outside of the Fields of Hatred, but now they spawn correctly.

  8. Various other graphical, visual, performance, audio, and stability improvements are implemented.

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