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Fortnite’s Current Storyline Crisis: Unraveling the Narrative Void

Listen, I’m not the type to obsess over Fortnite’s bigger storylines. But I do spend a lot of time playing this game. Each season, I tackle every quest and follow what serves as a storyline. The game’s narrative continuity hasn’t always been top-notch, but it’s good to have a structure for the seasons to connect logically.

However, in Chapter 4, the storyline took a bizarre turn, setting up plot threads and then diverting into something completely unrelated, as if the development plan went haywire. Despite this, the past season hinted at Fortnite’s origins, with the time machine pointing to Chapter 1, Season 5. Yet, currently, there’s a lack of substantial story content except for vague audio logs Slone left for Jonesy this season, leaving me puzzled.

Typically, Fortnite introduces a new season with a gameplay trailer showcasing new elements and a cinematic trailer focusing on the battle pass characters and the primary story. But for Fortnite OG, while there was a gameplay trailer displaying the retro map and loot pool, there was no cinematic trailer. Combined with the absence of plot quests, OG Season falls short of Fortnite’s storytelling standard. Here are three possible explanations.

Firstly, Epic may be deliberately downplaying Fortnite’s story, considering the departure of Donald Mustard, the creator of the battle royale storyline, this summer.

Secondly, the lack of story might align with the throwback to Chapter 1, Season 5, where the current island is from. Hence, the absence of story content could be a nod to that period. However, there’s hope that Fortnite OG will lead us through that turning point.

Thirdly, it’s possible that an external collaboration (like Doctor Who or Lego) for this season got delayed or canceled, affecting the storyline and cinematic, making it challenging to recover without it.

Regardless of the cause, it’s frustrating to witness the Fortnite storyline dissolve over the past year. The plot lost coherence from season to season during Chapter 4, and now we’re in a season without any story. Perhaps Chapter 5 in December could be the fresh start we’re hoping for.

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