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How to Throw in Party Animals

Party Animals is a multiplayer video game that gained popularity through its early access release on Stream. Video game fans love the cute and quirky animal characters placed in chaotic scenarios.

The game is also popular due to its easy to understand controls and simple mechanics. Players have an option to customise their animal characters by changing their outfits and accessories.  

Throwing is an important skill to play Party Animals well. It enables players to eliminate opponents, control certain areas in the map, and survive longer in the game. 

This article will discuss how to throw in Party Animals using various controls, and some tips to perform well in the game.

How to Throw in Party Animals

How you will throw in Part Animals will depend on what setup you are playing on:

Keyboard and Mouse

On your mouse, the left click will grab the object. Continue clicking on the left click to keep holding the object.

Press right click to throw the object at the opponent.

Keyboard Only

On the keyboard, press the alphabet key I to grab the object and J to throw it.

Xbox Controller

On your controller, hold down the right trigger (RT) button to grab the object and X button to charge up a throw.

Tips to Win in Party Animals

Along with throwing well, you also need a few other tricks up your sleeve to be successful in this game.

We have curated a list of tips that will help you win in Party Animals:

Get better at teamwork 

Teamwork is the backbone of Party Animals. Learn to work together with your friends and make the most of every scenario. Collaborating with strong players increases your chances of winning. It is also essential to avoid the game traps and outsmart opponents.

Plan Well

Use your environment wisely. Proper position is a significant aspect of winning the game. Study the map layout well and understand where you can start to maximise the chances of winning. This information will also help to strategize well as the game progresses.

Take Advantage of All Weapons Available

You can find all your weapons through the map in the game. Party Animals provides great options for weapons such as lollipops, guns, and tennis rackets that can significantly enhance your gameplay. Also, you can even use your body as a weapon! Use it and lunge towards the enemy at the right time.

Throw! Throw! Throw!

Throwing is an important aspect of winning at Party Animals. It is a key method of eliminating your opponents. You can throw objects at your enemies, or even pick your enemies and throw them! Try to include more throwing in your game.


Party Animals gives you a variety of options to experiment with characters, locations and techniques. Use them to your advantage and get to know the game better. Each character comes with his own set of benefits. If you learn to use all of them well, you can have an added advantage over your competitor, as you will be able to better adapt to new scenarios.

Timing is the Key

It is not only important to strike well, but also to time your punches and grabs well. Striking at the right moment will throw your opponent off balance. This timing usually gets better with practice. Consider spending time alone on the game to practise moves and punches.

Stay Calm

This goes without saying for every game. It is best to stay in a well-balanced state of mind to make the best decisions. Avoid getting frustrated if the game does not go your way. Instead, focus on having fun and learning.

Final Notes

Party Animals is a popular video game, and throwing is a necessary skill for the game. The throwing mechanism depends on what setup you are playing on. 

On mouse, left click grabs and right click throws an object. On the keyboard, press I to grab and J to throw.

And lastly, on the Xbox controller, the RT button is used to grab and the X button throws the object. Remember, teamwork is extremely important for Party Animals. Learn to collaborate well. 

Strategize well and take the advantage of all the tools and weapons available. Keep practising and experimenting, and play with a calm mind to get the best out of the game- Party Animals.

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