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Meet Key Characters from Alan Wake Game Before Alan Wake 2

The original Alan Wake game came out 13 years ago in 2010. Like many cult classics, new fans have been discovering it over the years, and with a recent remaster, even more people have likely played it recently. If you’re one of the folks who played it when it first came out and are now thinking about jumping into Alan Wake 2, it might be a bit confusing. To help you out, here’s a list of some characters from the first game that are worth remembering before diving into the new one.

Just a heads up, I understand that simply being reminded of a character who might be relevant in the sequel could feel like a spoiler. Some of the characters mentioned here show up in person in the game, while others are only mentioned in documents. They’re the ones who made me stop and do a quick Google search, but don’t worry, I won’t spoil any major story elements of Alan Wake 2. However, if you want to avoid any character-related hints, it might be best to stop reading here. But hey, do leave the page open in another tab – it’ll look like you’ve been browsing here for a while and give us a little traffic boost!

  1. Robert Nightingale: He was one of the bad guys in the first game, always trying to catch Alan Wake. He thought all the weird stuff happening in Bright Falls was connected to Alan, but he was mostly just an annoying obstacle.

  2. Barry Wheeler: In the first Alan Wake, Barry is Alan’s agent and adds some humor to the game. Even though he depends on Alan for his livelihood, he’s a true friend who cares about the safety of Alan and his wife, Alice.

  3. Rose Marigold: She’s one of Alan’s biggest fans and works at the Oh Deer Diner. In the first game, she gets brainwashed by the darkness and betrays Alan, but eventually, she breaks free from its control.

  4. Tor and Odin of Old Gods of Asgard: These two retiree brothers were in a famous metal band, and you encounter them several times in the game. They seem to understand what’s happening to Alan and want to help him out.

  5. Cynthia Weaver: Like Tor and Odin, Cynthia knows a lot about the strange events in Bright Falls during the first game. She carries a lamp, protects an item called The Clicker, and hints that she knew Alan was coming to town to confront the darkness.

  6. Alex Casey: Alan’s famous character from his detective novels, he shares a lot in common with Max Payne, and that’s not a coincidence. Remedy likes to reference its own work.

  7. Thomas Zane: In the 1970s, this poet discovered the town’s ability to manipulate reality through art. He even went diving in the lake, which set off many of the issues Alan faces in the game. He often appears as a helpful source of light for Alan.

  8. Ahti the janitor: A mysterious character who first appeared in Remedy’s game Control in 2019. He’s described as a paranatural entity and has a unique personality and a memorable accent.

  9. Sam Lake: Not a character, but a real person and a key creative mind behind Alan Wake and other Remedy games. He even served as the face model for Max Payne in the first two games. Knowing his face and his role at Remedy is important for understanding the developer’s connection to Alan Wake 2.

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