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Most Popular Esports Tournaments Suitable for Indian Players

Esports has taken the world by storm, captivating players and fans with its thrilling competition and immense skill displays. India, with its burgeoning gaming community, has seen a surge in interest and participation in esports. It creates curiosity to know the most popular Esports Tournaments suitable for Indian players! So, let’s find out about the top tournaments that can offer Indian players a chance to shine on the international stage.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive, or CS:GO, is a popular first-person shooter game among Indian gamers. It has a huge fan following worldwide.

Back in 2012, when it was released, India was not a big name in gaming, but the scene has completely changed.

This multiplayer shooter game features two teams competing against each other. Both teams need to eliminate the other side while achieving the game objectives.

The visual aspect is not as rich as Overwatch, and the game requires slight improvement. However, the tournament is yet to gain popularity on the e-sport circuit.

One of the most successful players in this tournament is Ankit Panth, or V3nom. He has a gaming team called Brutality that helps him to win many Esports tournaments.

ESL Pro League

It is one of the most prestigious and popular tournaments globally that features top teams from different corners of the world, including Europe, Asia, and North America. It has been seen that Indian teams actively participate in the ESL Pro League and display their tactical skills and prowess.

DreamHack Masters

DreamHack Masters is another famous tournament that attracts Elite gamers from around the world. Players get better exposure and gain recognition in the international scene.

Intel Extreme Masters (IEM)

Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) is not a single game but a series of prestigious Esports tournaments organized by ESL in collaboration with Intel.

BLAST Premier

BLAST Premier is an excellent option for those looking for a combination of online and offline events. Like other games, it also has a substantial prize pool. This tournament’s format, competition level, and production value are great for Indian gamers to assess their gaming abilities.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile has been a top-rated battle royal game for a long time. It has gained millions of players in India in a very short period.It is a popular sports game featuring an online battle royale scene where 100 players can play together.

These players are dropped onto the map, and each has the objective to exist till the last. It can only be possible by killing others and saving yourself from outside attacks.

The PUBG India Series tournament held in 2020 gained significant popularity. It offered a prize of 5 million rupees, and the winner got 2 million rupees.

Naman Mathur’s name comes first among notable PUBG players. He participated in different PUBG competitions and then turned into a successful YouTuber. Here are some prominent PUBG tournaments:

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL)

It is an official mobile professional league organized by Level Infinite and CRAFTON. Pmpl is an original tournament featuring teams from specific regions like South Asia.

Pmpl South Asia includes top Indian teams competing against squads from countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan. Players who want to gain experience and qualify for high-end Esports tournaments like PMGC can enter PMPL.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC)

PMGC is the official world tournament organized by CRAFTON and Tencent Games annually. It provides closure to the mobile competitive season of the year.

The first PMGC tournament held on November 2020 went on till January 2021, when 24 teams participated worldwide.The league stage game was online, while the grand finals were held in a semi-offline mode in Dubai.

The next PMGC event was held in 2021 and 2022, but the number of teams varied.

Similarly, it is expected for the PMGC event to take place in December 2023 in Turkey. PMGC is known for providing a substantial price pole. In the past tournaments, TSM entity and Fnatic have performed well.

PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO)

PMCO or PUBG mobile club open is a semi-pro tournament since 2019. Tension Games and Krypton together organized this tournament.

This tournament series is a qualifier game to enter the premium league.In other words, it is designed to nurture the grassroots of PUBG mobile talent.

Indian teams can compete against squads from their region, and those who are successful can advance to the National finals.

It’s important to know that before the introduction of the Mobile Pro League or PMPL, PMCO was considered the only and highest tier of PUBG tournaments globally.

Remember, the Snapdragon Pro series by ESL hosts PMCO Esports tournaments in many regions.


Dota 2 is a big name in India’s popular esports games. It is a multiplayer online arena featuring two teams of 5 players. The goal of each team is to compete against each other to destroy other members while defending their structure.

There are 100 playable characters to choose from to play on the battlefield. Each character has a different costume, playing style, abilities, and attributes. The genre can be confusing for those who don’t understand gameplay mechanics.

Two famous players in this tournament are Amit Malwal and Krish Gupta. They started their gaming journey as a hobby, but soon their skills made them professionals. Prominent Dota2 tournaments are:

Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Majors

It is a series of Esports tournaments that are organized throughout the year. Finally, it leads up to the international. DPC majors are the most important events within the circuit, which features highly skilled teams from different regions. Players get DPC points in these tournaments that contribute to their qualification for the international.

The International

The International or TI is the biggest Dota 2 tournament taking place annually. It only allows the best teams worldwide who have passed DPC. The massive prize pool in the tournament is crowdfunded through Battle Pass System or the Compendium. Dota 2 international is expected to return to Seattle in 2023. The prize money for TI keeps on increasing every year.


We have discussed world-popular esports tournaments like PMCO, PMPL, TI, etc., which give fantastic gaming experiences to esports players. They are great platforms to compete against different countries and represent own country as a champion. The big prize pool attracts Indian players in significant numbers, so the gaming world has experienced a rise in popularity in India.

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