New Collaboration Brings 2 ‘Lies of P’ Weapons to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

A new collaboration between Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and the newly released Lies of allows players in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to wield two snazzy in-game weapons — the Puppet’s Saber and the Etiquette.

The collaboration starts through a free update for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on September 27.

“The “Lies of P” collaboration weapon will be obtainable by downloading the free update that will be distributed on September 27, 2023!, Wario64 tweeted.

However, this is a one-way collaboration, as Lies of P will not have access to Wo Long content. So, there is no way you can hope to wreck some puppets with ancient Chinese weapons.  

While the first weapon, Puppet’s Saber, is a sharp and intricately crafted sword, the second weapon, Etiquette, has an umbrella-like design.

According to team Ninja, Wo Long’s developer, Etiquette is a self-defense weapon that can double as a shield that helps you block enemy attacks and projectiles. The collaboration is part of the roadmap under which Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will provide new content every month until December.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also access it.

Lies of P was released on September 19 for consoles, while there is no information when it will be available for PC ports.  


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