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The Annoying Poplins in Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Detailed Analysis

Do you know how captivating Super Mario Bros. Wonder is? Spend a moment on Twitter and you’ll encounter a stream of comments praising its visuals, level design, and the intriguing Badge system. Undoubtedly, it’s a fantastic game. But amidst the wonder of the Flower Kingdom, let’s not overlook the irksome elements—the notorious Poplins.

Perhaps it seems a bit critical, but the sentiment remains. Wonder’s new non-Toad characters might just be the most vexing addition by Nintendo in 2023. Unlike the tearful but removable Koroks, dealing with Poplins involves incessantly pressing ‘A’ until they disappear.

What makes these seemingly helpful creatures so bothersome? They’re not merely cute helpers; they’re energy-draining pests, elongating each level completion with demands and obstacles, testing your patience at every turn.

Traversing the Flower Kingdom becomes an incessant encounter with Poplins, hindering progress with their demands for payment or assistance, disrupting the otherwise enjoyable gameplay. Initially, their annoyance was bearable, akin to any replacement for Toads. However, it’s in World 3 – Shining Falls where things take a turn for the worse.

Master Poplin, the guardian of this area, constantly interrupts your progress with patronizing challenges and unsolicited advice. With every level’s end, his presence becomes increasingly irksome. These persistent interruptions make forming a grudge against a virtual character seem quite reasonable.

As the journey continues through different worlds, the Poplins’ behavior shifts from playful interjections to intentional obstruction, slowing down gameplay and disrupting the experience. Despite the game’s overall enjoyment, the unavoidable interactions with Poplins during optional levels become a grumble-inducing necessity.

While the Poplins do offer aid in the form of Wonder Seeds and Badges, their presence feels more like a bothersome item chest than genuinely helpful characters with distinct personalities.

Who has ever played a Mario game and wished for more Toad interactions? The chatterbox Poplins are precisely why a change is necessary. Perhaps only a high-profile cameo or dedicated games could shift this perspective.

Nintendo, continue to create vibrant Mario worlds, but consider balancing the presence of these characters or offering alternative interactions while exploring these colorful landscapes.

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