The Best Skills to Get First in Payday 3

Payday 3, developed by Overkill Software and published by Starbreeze Studios, is a highly anticipated first-person shooter video game. It was released on May 23, 2023, and is the third instalment in the thrilling Payday series.

In this immersive experience, players assume the identities of skilled criminals tasked with executing daring heists across various locales, including banks, casinos, and jewellery stores.

The game introduces a brand-new skill system. It offers players the ability to personalise their characters according to their playstyle.

With 17 distinct skill trees, each focusing on different areas like stealth, combat, and support, you will have plenty of options for enhancement. 

These skills improve your survivability and make you an invaluable asset to your crew. In the world of Payday 3, choosing the right skills can feel overwhelming.

Determining which ones to prioritise requires careful consideration. This article aims to guide players by recommending the most valuable skills to acquire, considering their usefulness and overall impact on gameplay.


Some of the best skills to get first in Payday 3


  1. Mastermind Skills

The Mastermind skill emphasises leadership and support abilities, making it a valuable choice for any heister seeking to contribute as a critical team player.


Combat Medic (Tier 1): This skill enables the user to revive their team members quickly, enhancing their team’s survival chances during intense battles. 


Inspire (Tier 4): It grants the ability to provide distant support by shouting encouragement at teammates in need of revival. This essential skill can potentially turn the tides of any intense battle.


Hostage Taker (Tier 6): It possesses a remarkable ability to restore one’s health through the presence of hostages. This skill proves invaluable for surviving prolonged heists by prolonging one’s lifespan. 


  1. Enforcer Skills

The enforcers, being the muscle of the crew, specialise in wielding heavy firepower and exhibiting unwavering resilience.


Shotgun Impact (Tier 1): In the world of Payday 3, shotguns reign supreme for close-quarters combat. This particular skill amplifies your shotgun damage, enhancing your effectiveness when faced with tight and intense situations.


Resilience (Tier 3): When downed, resilience skill reduces your time in custody. It is valuable for enduring challenging situations and aiding your team throughout the game.


Bullseye (Tier 6): It allows the regeneration of armour upon inflicting headshot damage. This skill dramatically aids in sustaining oneself during combat and taking on formidable adversaries.


  1. Technician Skills

Technicians possess exceptional expertise in both gadgets and explosives, rendering them indispensable for achieving objectives and navigating intricate security systems.


Lock Picking (Tier 1): With lockpicking, one can quietly open doors and safes. It gives your crew easier access to valuable loot while avoiding unwanted attention.


Sentry Gun (Tier 3): It is invaluable, enabling precise control over designated areas and offering crucial cover fire. By investing in this skill, heisters can effortlessly deploy their sentry gun, resulting in seamless operations.


Demolition Man (Tier 6): It is a valuable asset for those who rely on explosives to tackle challenging scenarios. This skill significantly enhances explosive damage, empowering you to breach and clear.


  1. Ghost Skills

Ghost skills emphasise stealth and evasion, making them ideal for heists in which remaining unnoticed until the decisive moment is crucial.


Sneaky Bastard (Tier 1): It reduces your detection risk when you are wearing lighter armour. It helps you stay hidden and avoid triggering alarms, making it easier to remain unnoticed. 


ECM Overdrive (Tier 4): It is essential for turning off cameras and delaying alarms, providing a crucial advantage in stealth missions. By investing in ECM Overdrive, your team can easily handle these missions.


Silent Killer (Tier 6): This skill enhances the damage of your silenced weapons, enabling you to eliminate guards and threats without noise.


  1. Fugitive Skills

Fugitive skills embody the art of agility and elusiveness, making them ideal for heisters who prefer evading bullets rather than enduring their impact. 


Duck and Cover (Tier 1): It provides a valuable advantage during times of urgency or evading enemy fire: increased sprinting speed and improved stamina recovery. These abilities can potentially save lives by allowing swift escapes.


Swan Song (Tier 4): It allows you to retaliate and potentially save your life when incapacitated, thereby assisting your team in accomplishing objectives.


Berserker (Tier 6): It enhances damage output during moments of low health. This unique ability transforms the wielder into an unstoppable force, their true potential unleashed in the face of imminent defeat.


  1. Crew Chief Skills (Perk Decks)

The Crew Chief Perk Deck prioritises leadership and team bonuses, making it an excellent choice for heisters seeking to enhance their crew’s overall performance. 


Stamina (Tier 1): It will increase your overall sprint speed and endurance, enhancing your agility during intense moments.


Hostage Situation (Tier 2): It enhances your crew’s capabilities by providing bonuses when hostages are present. These bonuses include increased health and damage resistance. 


Crew Chief (Tier 3): It significantly boosts the survivability of your crew. It offers valuable buffs that enhance their performance, ultimately leading to a higher success rate in completing heists.



In Payday 3, achieving success as a heister greatly relies on mastering the right skills. Your choice of skills from different trees will shape a versatile and efficient character based on your preferred playstyle and team role.

This narrative will highlight some top skills to prioritise early in Payday 3. However, it is essential to note that the ideal skill set ultimately depends on your unique playstyle and desired team role.

With the necessary skills, one would be on a promising path towards successfully executing grand heists and enjoying their lucrative spoils.

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