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The Best Starfield Mods You Can Try Out Right Now

The console game Starfield boasts of great unofficial mod support. Even though the game is still new, we’re already seeing lots of cool and fun mods that change the game in interesting ways.

The best mods for Starfield improve the functioning and visuals of the game, along with providing many additional features. This enables players to enjoy an already epic game in its full form.

This article will discuss ten of the best Starfield mods you should try out right now for an unmatched gaming experience.


10 Best Starfield Mods to Try

Although mods for console games keep updating every day, here are the ten best mods for Starfield as of now:


Star UI Inventory Mod

This particular mod had become a rage among console gamers because of its ability to enhance the overall user interface experience. It makes the inventory screen more compact and organised, enabling you to view more detailed options without needless scrolling. To make your life even easier, the mod includes item category icons. This means you can quickly recognize what type of item you’re looking at just by glancing at the icon. Not only that, this mod also improves your on-screen HUD. 


DualSense PS5 Icons

Developed by the talented modder EASKATER, the DualSense P5 Icons Mod enhances your gaming experience by combining Sony’s DualSense controller and the Xbox-focused default button icons. PS5 PC gamers have long struggled with the Dualsenses default buttons designed for Xbox. This mod replaces the Xbox icons with Playstation symbols, making the gaming experience even more convenient.


The Todd Howard Mods

With this mod, modders have taken the opportunity to celebrate Todd Howard’s significant contributions to gaming. One mod from this series replaces every portrait in the lodge with a picture of Todd Howard. Another one replaces the Starfield logo and flash screen with Todd Howard’s face. Along with these, constant updates are coming to this mod, trying to fit Todd Howard in every corner of the Starfield universe.


Achievement Enabler Mod

Mods help us enhance our gaming experience. However, with mods, your saved file is marked as modded, which in turn disables you from unlocking achievements. As Starfields is a single-player game, this feature does not affect other players but may hamper your gaming experience. Modders like Priqrade and Brunph developed achievement enabler mods to overcome this shortcoming. This mod allows you to decouple mod usage from the achievements system, enabling you to enjoy mods without losing out on in-game achievements.


DLSS or XeSS Mod

This mod stands out due to the technological enhancement it gives. The DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and XeSS (Xe Super Sampling) Upscaler Mod, crafted by modder PureDark, introduce the power of advanced upscaling technology to the game. These two technologies significantly improve the image quality and frame rates. To utilize this mod, players need to download the Upscaler Base Plugin and the corresponding DLSS/FSR2/XeSS DLL files from the relevant sources. Also, remember that DLSS works only on NVIDIA, while XeSS works on Intel.



The Field of View (FOV) setting plays a pivotal role in modern first-person and third-person shooter games. It determines how much of the game world you can see on your screen at any given time. However, Starfields only allows for a standard FOV feature. Thankfully, modders like hellstorm102 have stepped in to address this desire with the FOV mod. With this mod, you can customise first-person and third-person FOV settings using a straightforward custom INI file, providing a more expansive view of the game.


Script Extender Mod

Modders are often constrained by the limitations of the game’s scripting engine. SFSE breaks these limitations by extending the scripting capabilities of the base game. It provides modders with a suite of tools and functionalities beyond what’s available in the vanilla game. This means modders can create more complex and innovative mods to enhance the “Starfield” experience. Bethesda games have previously had many mods, such as Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) for Skyrim. 


Performance Optimisations

This mod is ideal for players struggling to achieve smooth and optimised performance in “Starfield” on their PCs. Performance issues such as low frame rates or high CPU usage can hamper the overall gaming experience. These performance-focused mods are designed to reduce the CPU load by optimising certain processes and designs and increase your frames per second (FPS), providing a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. Other optimisations might include changes to shadow resolutions and terrain meshes, which can provide a GPU boost ranging from 5% to 15%, depending on your hardware.


Value to Weight Ratio Sort Option Mod

One of the most common challenges players face is managing their inventory, especially when it comes to encumbrance. Tomlikesguitar has come to the rescue with the Value to Weight Ratio Sort Option Mod. This mod introduces a new sorting option for your inventory based on items’ value and weight. This means that you can quickly identify items that provide the best value relative to their weight. Thus, you make more informed decisions while playing.


Unlimited Traders Mod

In Starfield, traders operate with finite funds and inventory to allow for real and fair play. But this can be a hindrance for some gamers. The Unlimited Traders mod removes the limitations placed on traders, giving them infinite funds and inventory. This means you can buy and sell items without worrying about traders running out of money or running out of essential items you might need. This makes the trading process more efficient.


Final Notes

Starfield is being enhanced significantly by introducing new mods to the game. These mods help overcome the limitations of the basic game, along with improving visual and technical quality for the players. 

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