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DOTA 2 Controls – Glossary List of Basic Controls in DOTA 2

Dota 2 is a complex and competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that requires precise control and strategic decision-making. Whether you’re a new player trying to grasp the basics or an experienced gamer looking to refine your skills, understanding the controls is essential. 

This article presents a comprehensive glossary-style guide to all the basic controls for Dota 2, providing you with the knowledge needed to navigate the game easily.

Movement Controls

Right-Click: Use right-click to move your hero to a specific location or interact with objects.

Attack-Move: Press “A” and left-click to attack the nearest enemy within range while moving towards the designated point.

Stop: Press “S” to cancel current actions and halt your hero’s movement.

Hold Position: Press “H” to command your hero to stay in place and attack enemies within range without pursuing them.

Mouse Movement

Move your mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to scroll the camera in that direction.

Middle Mouse Button: Hold and drag to pan the camera across the map.

F1Pressing F1 centers the camera on your hero.

Zoom: Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out for a better battlefield view.

Hero Controls

Select Hero: Double-tap the hero’s key or left-click on the hero’s portrait.

Attack: Right-click on an enemy unit or press the “A” key and left-click.

Stop: Press the “S” key to cancel the current action.

Hold Position: Press the “H” key to stop your hero from moving.

Hero Abilities

Q/W/E/RThese keys correspond to your hero’s four unique abilities. Each ability can be leveled up and has different effects.

D/FThese keys are reserved for items your hero can purchase and activate.

Alt + Q/W/E/RUse this combination to level up your hero’s abilities without opening the skill menu.

Camera Controls

Edge Panning: Move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to scroll the camera.

Drag Scroll: Hold the middle mouse button and move the mouse to scroll the camera.

Camera Grip: Hold the middle mouse button to move the camera without scrolling.

Chat and Communication Controls

Enter: Opens chat to send messages to teammates.

Y: All Chat – Sends messages to both teams.

U: Team Chat – Sends messages to your team only.

J: Party Chat – Sends messages to your party members.

K: Voice Chat – Activates voice communication.

Item Controls

Inventory Slots: Press the corresponding key (1-6) to use or equip items in the inventory.

Quickbuy: Press “B” to open the shop and purchase items from the Quickbuy area.

Courier Controls:

  • F2 selects the courier.
  • F3 delivers items to your hero.
  • F4 activates the courier’s speed boost.

Quick Buy 

Press “B” to access the quick buy menu, allowing you to purchase items instantly.

Courier: Use the assigned hotkey (usually “F3“) to control the courier and deliver items to your hero.

Backpack: Items in the backpack can be accessed using the assigned hotkey (usually “B”).

Glyph of Fortification: Press “T” to activate the glyph, fortifying your team’s structures for a short duration.

Control Groups

Ctrl + [Number Key]: Assigns selected units to a control group.

[Number Key]: Selects the units in the control group.

Unit Targeting

Left-Click: Select a specific unit from a group of units.

Ctrl + Right-Click: Issues an attack or move command while bypassing unit collision.

Alt + Right-Click: Forces an attack on a target, even if it’s not within the hero’s attack range.

Abilities and Spells

Smart-Casting: Some abilities can be set to smart-cast, which allows you to instantly cast them at the mouse cursor’s location without an additional click. It can be enabled in the options menu.

Shop Controls

Search: Use the search bar in the shop to find items quickly.

Sticky Buy: Ctrl + Right-Click on an item in the shop to add it to the sticky buy area, making it easier to purchase later.

Quickbuy: Ctrl + Shift + Left-Click on an item in the shop to add it to the Quickbuy area.

Chat Wheel

Hold “Y” to open the chat wheel and select predefined messages to communicate with your team quickly.

Chat Wheel Commands: The chat wheel provides various commands, such as “Missing,” “Beware,” “Get Back,” “Well Played,” and more.


Press “Tab” to bring up the scoreboard, displaying information about the game progress, hero levels, items, and scores of all players.


Press “B” to buy back your hero after death if you have enough gold. It allows you to rejoin the battle before the regular respawn time.

Glyph Check

Hold “Alt” and click on the glyph icon near the minimap to check the cooldown status of the Glyph of Fortification.

Control Console

Press “`” (backtick or tilde key) to open the control console. It allows advanced commands and customization options for experienced players.

Observer Ward Placement

“Alt” + left-click: Place an observer ward at the desired location. Observer wards provide a vision of the area.

Sentry Ward Placement

“Alt” + right-click: Place a sentry ward. Sentry wards provide true sight, revealing invisible units and wards in the area.

Quick Cast

In the settings, you can enable quick cast, which allows you to cast abilities instantly upon pressing the hotkey without clicking on the target.

Camera Grip

Hold the middle mouse button and drag it to move the camera smoothly.

Control Camera Perspective

Scroll up or down while holding down the middle mouse button to adjust the camera perspective angle.

Courier Controls

F2” selects the courier, allowing you to control its movement and use its abilities.

F3” delivers items from the courier to your hero.

Glyph Notification

When the glyph of fortification is available, a notification appears near the minimap. The hotkey for activating the glyph is “T.”

Pause Game

During a match, you can pause the game by pressing “Pause/Break” or through the pause menu accessed by clicking the gear icon.


Mastering the controls in Dota 2 is fundamental to your success in the game. This glossary-style guide has provided you with a comprehensive list of all needed controls, allowing you to navigate the complexities of Dota 2 confidently. Now, armed with this knowledge, you can dive into the world of Dota 2 and unleash your full potential on the battlefield. 

Good luck, and have fun!

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