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Top 4 Games That Should Make a Comeback in 4K Version

Remaking or mastering ancient games in 4k visuals is still a popular trend. Publishers actually don’t hesitate to shell out a sizable sum of money to make these initiatives a reality. Remedy Entertainment has revealed that it would remake both parts of Max Payne — Part 1 and Part 2.

Remedy’s usual AAA-game production is claimed to be comparable in size to the development budget, which Rockstar Games will fund in addition to serving as the game’s publisher once more.

It doesn’t help that there are so many vintage games that are enjoyable to play. For game developers and designers, it might occasionally be simpler and less difficult to transform outdated game graphics and visuals into something fresh in the 4k version.

Meanwhile, they can just remaster an old classic game into something that would appeal to gamers of all ages for today’s generation, including those who liked the old game and those who were either too old or never played before when it first became popular.

In light of this, I think the majority of you would also agree that these 4 classic games should make to receive the appropriate remake / remaster comeback in the 4k version.

The Legend of the Seven Stars in Super Mario RPG

Super Marrio RPG Wallpaper
Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars existed before Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi were the preferred role-playing games for Mario enthusiasts. It was the last Mario game created by Square and released on the SNES in 1996. It is unquestionably among the finest games ever created for the system.

Surprisingly, Super Mario RPG’s visuals still look good now and were one of the game’s most notable features at the time. So, a comeback as a remaster or remake in the 4k version would be sufficient if undertaking a complete remake of Super Mario RPG proved to be too difficult.

Super Mario RPG’s gameplay was challenging enough for devoted RPG aficionados while being accessible to those unfamiliar with the genre. The Nintendo Switch would benefit greatly from a Super Mario RPG remake.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid Wallpaper
Metal Gear Solid

In 2008, the PlayStation 3 game Guns of the Patriots was launched. The series’ most divisive game was this one. Although its gameplay and aesthetics set new standards for its time, many people were turned off by its excessively long and drawn-out cut scenes.

No cut scene should be over an hour long, but Metal Gear Solid 4’s was, yet it’s still arguably the favourite in the series. Unfortunately, Metal Gear Solid 4 was never published for any other platform except the PS- 3, unlike the majority of the games in this venerable franchise. It means that it had a considerably smaller player base than games like Metal Gear Solid 3 and 5, to mention just a couple.

However, the RPCS3 emulator program has made Metal Gear Solid 4 playable on a PC. This essentially indicates that MGS4 on PC not only reaches 4K graphics but also aims for 60 frames per second. This MGS4 emulator is perhaps the greatest there has ever been, despite the fact that it isn’t flawless (yet).

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness Poster
Eternal Darkness

The first M-rated game released by Nintendo is an action-adventure game called Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem which focuses on psychological and Lovecraftian horror. In Eternal Darkness, players assume the roles of many cast members as they battle a strong and enigmatic force out to enslave humanity.

Through the use of a novel sanity mechanism that has since proven popular in many contemporary horror games, Eternal Darkness immerses players in a sinister environment. In straightforward target-oriented combat, players have the option of avoiding or eliminating a variety of adversaries.

The gameplay of Eternal Darkness also employs two stages in which the story shifts, the first of which is a sequence of chapters featuring various playable characters. Before the start of the following chapter, Alex spends the other phase gathering and organizing the pages of each chapter and other materials.

Eternal Darkness has the ideal chance to succeed in the present gaming market because Nintendo has released a lot more games with serious themes. Through much-needed aesthetic and graphical improvements, the potential for new controllers or joy-con integrated features, and changes to the mechanics that made the game so distinctive, a modern remake would restore the ambiance of the game and enrich the mood.

A new version of Eternal Darkness has a tonne of promise, and it would be the ideal portable horror game for playing while on the road.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill Poster
Silent Hill

Silent Hill, particularly the original, is another famous Konami great that deserves a remake. Silent Hill turned out to be a completely new horror game with a better atmosphere instead of Konami’s answer to Capcom’s Resident Evil.

Given how advanced modern gaming engines have grown, along with visual advancements like ray tracing, it’s simple to imagine how wonderful a Silent Hill remake may be for today’s platforms.

The popularity of Capcom’s effort to recreate a number of Resident Evil titles suggests that Konami should create a Resident Evil remake. It really is fair for Konami to consider giving Silent Hill the same focus—a true remake rather than a remaster—given how successfully Capcom’s attempts to reproduce various Resident Evil games have gone.

In Conclusion

Some could contend that some Game Series should be avoided to remaster them. It’s far too simple to ruin the reputation of a real masterpiece by producing a mediocre sequel or a disastrous comeback in the 4K Version.

There are contentious releases like Shenmue 3 and Star Fox Zero, as well as utter failures. Expectations for a Speedball 2 remake, remaster, or relaunch that lived up to the name has been completely shattered by a series of worthless attempts.

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