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Top 40 Food in Star Wars Games: Unraveling the Crazy Adventures

In the expansive universe of Star Wars games, where epic battles and daring quests unfold, there’s a side of the galaxy that often goes overlooked—the tantalizing world of food. For gamers who seek to indulge not only in lightsaber duels but also in mouthwatering virtual meals, our exploration into “Food in Star Wars Games” is a culinary quest you won’t want to miss.

From savoring iconic dishes in bustling cantinas to encountering exotic intergalactic flavors, join us on a gastronomic adventure that adds a flavorful dimension to your gaming experience. Ready your taste buds as we delve into the rich and diverse tapestry of food in Star Wars games, where every bite is a journey through the galaxy’s most delicious secrets.

1) Baked dru’un slices in fish sauce:

In 19 BBY, the Jedi Temple Refectory on Coruscant featured a special meal called “baked dru’un slices in fish sauce.” The day took an unexpected turn when Jedi Grand Master Yoda, attempting to enjoy his unique stew not typically served there, faced a confusion with a rectory droid. Unable to recognize Yoda’s stew as food, the droid replaced it with the day’s special – baked dru’un slices in fish sauce – inadvertently breaking Yoda’s bowl in the process. Later that day, during a free-for-all battle among Padawans in the refectory, numerous plates of the special were knocked to the floor.

2) Barkmeal:

Barkmeal entered the Star Wars scene through LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, a non-canon game dropped in 2022. In-game, players catch wind of a merchant promoting Barkmeal in the background, yet it remains beyond reach for purchase. The merchant’s pitch echoes during the Episode II Attack of the Clones story campaign and can be picked up in free-play mode on Coruscant at various points. In Star Wars Legends, barkmeal made its debut in the 2008 novel Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, penned by Matthew Stover.

3) Bocha:

Bocha, a flaky delicacy, was Avon Starros’ culinary delight, particularly relishing it when served hot. In the year 230 BBY, during her unfortunate abduction by the Nihil pirates of Kara Xoo’s Tempest, Starros amusingly likened the expressions on the pirates’ faces, upon catching her failed attempt to call for help, to what one might make when presented with a plate of bocha.

4) Byblos Square:

Byblos Squares, a convenient culinary creation hailing from the Colonies planet Byblos along the Corellian Run hyperlane, served as a quick and satisfying food item. These squares featured a purple vegetable wrap stuffed with a flavorful combination of blue Kerkoidia Grains, green Pickled Paddy Flowers, red meat, and yellow eggs. The assembly involved placing each filling on separate quarters of the wrap, which was then strategically folded three times, covering all the delightful ingredients.

After traversing the galaxy and immersing in diverse food cultures from 34 ABY to 35 ABY, the seasoned Artiodac chef, Strono Tuggs, incorporated the recipe for Byblos Squares in his third cookbook, “The Ultimate Cookbook,” published in 35 ABY. Tuggs speculated that the squares’ popularity on Byblos stemmed from their convenient design, making them an ideal choice for smugglers on the go in need of a speedy and satisfying meal.

5) Corn-cluster:

Corn-clusters, a powdered sustenance requiring water addition, came in compact flat containers featuring a long section of brown substance and three smaller sections of dark turquoise substance. Sometime between 28 ABY and 34 ABY, Bobbajo the crittermonger expressed gratitude to the scavenger Rey by offering her three corn-clusters for her assistance in capturing an escaped bloggin at Niima Outpost on Jakku.

Rey, mindful of the outpost’s junk boss Unkar Plutt, cautioned Bobbajo against sharing food openly. Unperturbed, Bobbajo dismissed the concern, noting Plutt’s recent abduction. As Rey embarked on a mission to rescue Plutt from the Zendiat Collective in the nearby badlands, she inadvertently dropped the corn-clusters during an altercation. Seizing the opportunity, Plutt, after scolding Rey for her hidden food stash, tossed the contents into the air. This unconventional move attracted ripper-raptors, causing chaos that aided Rey and Plutt in their escape from the Collective.

6) Crisped inferno weed:

Served at the Moncaladrome on the aquatic world of Mon Cala, crisped inferno weed was a unique dish. When impersonating Imperial Moff Tan Hubi, the Clawdite Tunga Arpagion was presented with this culinary creation by Queen Trios. Hubi graciously accepted and consumed the crisped inferno weed. As Queen Trios and Regent Dors Urtya strolled away, Urtya remarked on the Moff’s previous distaste for the dish. However, upon their return, it was evident that Hubi had developed a fondness for the acquired taste of crisped inferno weed. This brown-hued dish, with its distinctive flavor, was enjoyed by both humans and Clawdites.

7) Curried nuna-roll:

Curried nuna-roll, a delectable dish crafted from nuna meat, graced Republic Avenue on Coruscant around 232 BBY during the lively Solstice Tide festivities. Amidst the bustling crowd, Jedi Master Stellan Gios paused by a protective rail near the curried-nuna roll stall. He anticipated the first flakes of holo-snow and immersed himself in the tantalizing scents wafting from the stall. However, his tranquil moment was abruptly interrupted when he sensed a disturbance in the Force, signaling the presence of the thief Nittel Karkson.

Driven by duty, Gios pursued Karkson into the lower levels of Coruscant. The savory aroma of curried nuna-roll and roasted mickelnuts that once filled the avenue gave way to the less inviting scents of engine oil and despair in the lower levels.

8) D’il pyykkle:

D’il pyykkles, a culinary delight found on Lothal, made its way onto a shopping list curated by the skilled Twi’lek pilot, Hera Syndulla, in the year 5 BBY. Seeking to replenish the supplies for her VCX-100 light freighter, the Ghost, Hera handed the list to her crewmates, Ezra Bridger and Garazeb Orrelios. Tasked with securing the items, the duo journeyed to the settlement of Kothal.

Orrelios, with his resourcefulness, successfully located and acquired the d’il pyykkles, along with every other item on the list—save for a meiloorun. Undeterred, the pair embarked on a daring attempt to liberate the elusive meiloorun from the clutches of the Galactic Empire.

9) Dried galcot:

Dried galcot, a consumable suitable for humans, found its way into the survival rations of New Republic pilot Norra Wexley after her daring escape from Imperial custody during the Battle of Jakku in 5 ABY. Rescued by teammate Jas Emari, who had liberated a shuttle from the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift, Wexley relied on the vessel’s survival provisions. Among these rations were dried galcot, complemented by kukuia nuts and kalpa sea-threads.

10) Ferroan spinach:

Ferroan spinach, named after the sentient Ferroan species, found its place on the menu at Dex’s Diner on Coruscant. Before the diner’s unfortunate demise between 19 BBY and 18 BBY, customers could opt to add Ferroan spinach to their Gartro egg omelet for an extra five decicreds. Fast forward to 44 ABY, and a meal at the Solos’ safe house on Coruscant featured steamed Ferroan spinach, enjoyed by Humans Leia Organa Solo, Han Solo, Jagged Fel, Jaina Solo, and Tahiri Veila.

11) Fiery Fornax rings:

Fiery Fornax rings, a spicy culinary delight, graced the menu at Dex’s Diner on Coruscant before its unfortunate demise in the initial years of the Galactic Empire’s rule. Available as a lunch side, patrons could savor the fiery goodness of Fiery Fornax rings for a mere 3.5 credits. The dish shared its name with Fornax, a Mid Rim planet enveloped by the famous Fire Rings of Fornax.

12) Food pearl:

A food pearl, discovered in the subterranean depths of Sunshine Lake on the Forest Moon of Endor, was a unique type of pearl. These shiny, yellow spheres adorned the caves inhabited by the amphibious Underwater dwellers. This species considered food pearls their primary sustenance, slicing them into consumable portions with knives. The growth of these pearls was facilitated by the influence of a potent red pearl, and after its destruction in 3 ABY, a blue pearl took on the role of fostering their growth.

13) Fromirian roast queg:

Fromirian roast queg, a culinary masterpiece hailing from the Fromiria system in the Outer Rim Territories, gained acclaim as a gourmet dish. Yeoman Vimran Trell, a skilled chef on the Imperial Star Destroyer Adjudicator, showcased his culinary prowess by preparing this exquisite dish for a reception around 4 BBY. The event, attended by Moff Renquet of the Galactic Empire, left a lasting impression. So impressed was Moff Renquet that he designated the Adjudicator as the flagship of his sector fleet.

Originating in the Fromiria system within the Mortex sector, Fromirian roast queg became a symbol of culinary excellence during the Galactic Empire’s reign. Vimran Trell, a Human yeoman and qualified gourmet chef from the world Yutusk, showcased his culinary skills aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Adjudicator. Originally destined to inherit his father’s gourmet restaurant on Yutusk, Trell’s life took an unexpected turn with his conscription into the Imperial Military.

14) Garlic:

Garlic, a culinary staple, played a role in the culinary escapades of the human rebel operative Luke Skywalker in 0 ABY. While repairing the Desert Jewel, the starship of cryptologist Drusil Bephorin, Bephorin treated Skywalker to bowls of noodles swimming in a broth infused with peanuts and garlic. Amidst Skywalker’s attempt to employ the Force to lift his fork, the aroma of garlic and peanuts filled the air. However, the disturbance caused by Nakari Kelen’s yelling diverted his attention, leading to a mishap that saw the fork dropping and the broth spilling.

Fast forward to 34 ABY, and the flavor of garlic found its way into the snack food Galma Garlic Puffed Cheese Chips. Sold at Jat Kaa’s Coolers in Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, these chips added a savory touch to the culinary offerings of the settlement.

15) Gelatin Surprise:

Gelatin Surprise, a creation of the skilled Latero chef and pilot Greez Dritus, graced the dining experiences of his crew aboard the luxury yacht Stinger Mantis. As the gelatinous dish met with pressure, it exhibited a subtle resistance, almost as if pushing back. Jedi Knight Cal Kestis, a member of the crew, humorously labeled the dish as “infamous,” revealing that the surprise element lay in its unexpectedly high salt content.

During a daring infiltration of a Haxion Brood criminal syndicate base, undertaken sometime between 12 BBY and 11 BBY, Kestis found himself entering the asteroid base from space. As his spacesuit’s helmet made contact with the shield bubble enveloping the base, Kestis couldn’t help but draw parallels between the resistance experienced and the memorable Gelatin Surprise crafted by Greez.

16) Greasy Greez-loaf:

Greasy Greez-loaf, a signature dish of Latero pilot Greez Dritus, frequently graced the dining table of the Stinger Mantis, his luxury yacht. In 9 BBY, Greez generously offered the human child Kata Akuna the opportunity to choose the dinner menu. Despite her initial suggestions of Mygeeto casserole and blue puff cubes, Greez opted to stick to the familiar Greasy Greez-loaf. Akuna, uncertain about the dish, inquired if he would make something different if she didn’t enjoy it. In response, Dritus confidently assured her, going so far as to bet the Mantis on her satisfaction. Akuna, savvy as ever, made sure to ensure their Dathomirian crewmate Merrin overheard Dritus making the bet.

17) Great Granny Pyloon’s Umberhash:

Great Granny Pyloon’s Umberhash, a culinary creation passed down from the Latero Pyloon to her great-grandson Greez Dritus, became a cherished dish in his culinary repertoire. Serving as the pilot of the Stinger Mantis luxury yacht, Greez took the opportunity to prepare this special meal for his fellow crew members on at least one occasion. In 9 BBY, as the crew reunited after a period of separation, Greez aimed to cook a memorable meal for his Jedi Knight crewmate, Cal Kestis. Considering the options, he contemplated making Pyloon’s Umberhash, a dish that Kestis claimed as his own.

18) Higartha brain-stew:

Higartha brain-stew, a favorite delicacy of Jabba the Hutt, was a green, oozing concoction. During a pitstop at Kwenn Space Station, the mischievous Kowakian monkey-lizard Salacious B. Crumb chose an unconventional hiding spot in Jabba’s feeding bowl filled with Higartha brain-stew. The discovery of Crumb in his meal left Jabba furious, prompting Crumb to swiftly dart into the rafters. Amidst the chaos, Bib Fortuna and Bidlo Kwerve entered, engrossed in a heated argument. Seizing the opportune moment, Crumb dropped the bowl of brain-stew on their heads. The unexpected spectacle not only caused Jabba to erupt in laughter but also secured Crumb a coveted position by the crime lord’s side.

19) Imitation killcrab:

Imitation killcrab, a culinary creation designed to mimic the flavor of real killcrab meat, served a specific purpose in the kitchen of Artiodac chef Strono Tuggs. Tuggs ingeniously employed it as a filling to stuff fungus caps in the renowned dish called Constable’s Caps. By incorporating imitation killcrab, he added depth and flavor to this delectable creation. In his first cookbook, published in 34 ABY, Tuggs thoughtfully listed it alongside other potential fillings, providing aspiring chefs with a range of options to recreate the masterpiece known as Constable’s Caps.

20) Iodized Ghaant Roast:

An Iodized Ghaant Roast, a delectable combination of roasted flavors with a touch of iodization, found its place on the menu at Pyloon’s Saloon, the vibrant cantina situated on the planet Koboh. By 9 BBY, the Mirialan patron Moran had developed a strong preference for this dish, making it one of his favorites at the establishment. In a humorous turn of events, when Moran attempted to order a Salted Staga-Sub, M-6NK, the cantina’s multitasking bartender and cook, informed him that it had been the previous month’s special.

Undeterred, M-6NK recommended the Iodized Ghaant Roast instead, highlighting its tenderness and playfully dubbing it Moran’s “old favorite.” Moran, however, couldn’t help but express his dismay at the implication of how long the phrase suggested he had been a regular at Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh.

21) Jogan fruit pie:

Jogan fruit pie, a delectable treat crafted from the vibrant jogan fruit, held a sweet reputation in the culinary world. Sometime during or after 34 ABY, the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts safari droid SF-R3 embarked on an unconventional mission to tame a tauntaun on the frosty planet Hoth. Employing a jogan fruit pie as part of his strategy, SF-R3 sought to capture captivating footage for his HoloNet program.

This circular-shaped pie featured a rich dark purple exterior, revealing a light purple interior upon slicing. Encased in a convenient light brown covering, the pie showcased the artistry of jogan fruit craftsmanship. Originating from jogan trees and orchards on the planet Lothal, jogan fruit served as the key ingredient in this delightful creation. Beyond the realm of pies, jogan fruit found its way into other delightful dishes such as jogan fruitcake and the tantalizing jogan fruit tart. Known for their irresistible appeal, tauntauns, the formidable reptomammals native to Hoth, couldn’t resist indulging in the goodness of a well-made jogan fruit pie.

22) Kalpa sea-thread:

Kalpa sea-threads, a consumable delight for humans, played a crucial role in the survival of New Republic pilot Norra Wexley during the intense Battle of Jakku in 5 ABY. Escaping Imperial custody on the Outer Rim planet Jakku, Wexley successfully rendezvoused with a shuttle piloted by her teammate Jas Emari, who had acquired the vessel from the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift. Onboard the shuttle, Wexley turned to the stored survival rations in a locker, discovering a mix that included kalpa sea-threads along with kukuia nuts and dried galcot—a combination that provided sustenance during this critical moment.

23) Kiki:

Kiki, a distinctive culinary delight savored in the enigmatic Unknown Regions of the galaxy, boasted a visual feast of red, orange, and pale-blue half-moons. In the year 19 BBY, Chiss Senior Captain Mitth’raw’nuruodo, known by the core name “Thrawn” and adopting the pseudonym “Svorno” at the time, found himself on the Vak Combine planet Primea. While attending a diplomatic reception hosted by the Nikardun General Yiv, Thrawn explored the offerings at a food array.

Intrigued by the colorful kiki, Thrawn’s culinary exploration was interrupted by navigator Qilori. A word of caution from Qilori advised Thrawn against indulging in the delicacy, as the consumption of kiki required specialized digestive juices. This encounter highlighted the nuanced gastronomy found in the Unknown Regions, where even seemingly delightful dishes like kiki demanded a discerning approach.

24) Nana Bagwa’s liver and onion:

Nana Bagwa’s liver and onions, a flavorful dish priced at 7.7 credits, graced the menu at Dex’s Diner on the bustling planet Coruscant. This delectable creation comprised the liver of a mutated rat combined with onions, a recipe crafted and named after Nana Bagwa. Nana Bagwa happened to be the grandmother of Hermione Bagwa, one of the waitresses under the employment of Besalisk chef Dexter Jettster at the diner. Interestingly, Hermione harbored a childhood dislike for the dish crafted by her grandmother. However, her palate found satisfaction in Dex’s rendition of the recipe, showcasing the nuanced artistry of culinary delights at Dex’s Diner.

25) Orgo-protein:

Orgo-protein, a staple in the culinary offerings of the mess hall aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Avenger, found its way to the plate of human garbage collector Carl Ashon. This meal, presented shortly after the intense Battle of Hoth, prompted Ashon to reflect mentally on his culinary preferences. Despite a prior bout of illness from mynock steak, Ashon expressed a preference for the alternative, emphasizing the diverse and sometimes challenging dining experiences within the confines of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer.

26) Ormachek:

Grilled ormachek, a culinary choice that unfortunately caused a rash for the Mon Calamari Ghal Tarpfen, played a peculiar role in her gastronomic experiences. Back in the year 231 BBY, she humorously shared this tidbit with the Soikan Velko Jahen, adding a playful note about uttering “please” causing a similar reaction for Mon Cal individuals. Fast forward to 9 BBY, and the Latero pilot Greez Dritus, displaying culinary enthusiasm, proposed a meal plan to Jedi Knight Cal Kestis. The plan featured ormachek alongside colo claw roe and deep-fried nuna legs, a proposition met with skepticism by Kestis. Despite doubts about sourcing all the items, Dritus exuded confidence in his ability to deliver a diverse and exotic culinary experience.

27) Pancake:

Pancakes, those classic flat and circular delights enjoyed by humans, came in various types, including the distinctive blue-milk pancake infused with the iconic blue milk. The Galactic Empire, known for its military prowess, even adopted a rather unconventional tactic called Making rebel pancakes, involving the use of an All Terrain Armored Transport walker to flatten rebel soldiers.

In the culinary realm of the Empire’s Second Death Star around 4 ABY, a noteworthy meal known as the Trade Blockade Stackade of Pancakes graced the cafeteria. Adding a touch of personalized flair, the battle droid R0-GR took on the role of pancake maestro, crafting blue-milk pancakes for the Freemakers, the family under his diligent service.

28) Pickled coodler-roe:

Pickled coodler-roe, a culinary offering discovered on the terrain of Goliath Mal, became a part of the gastronomic experience for the seasoned human general Leia Organa. During a diplomatic sojourn to Goliath Mal, she engaged in a culinary rite, savoring the distinct flavors of the local fare.

However, as time progressed, by 5 ABY, Organa’s palate evolved, and the once-appreciated pickled coodler-roe lost its appeal. Reflecting on the diverse traditions woven into her illustrious career, she couldn’t help but recall that the texture of this particular dish had become rather displeasing to her discerning taste buds.

29) Protato Namba patty:

Protato Namba patties, a distinctive variety of Namba patty crafted from protatoes, bore the culinary legacy of the skilled Latero chef Pyloon. Passed down through generations, the recipe found a new home at her great-grandson Greez Dritus’s cantina, Pyloon’s Saloon, situated on the vibrant planet Koboh.

In 9 BBY, the seasoned Jedi Knight Cal Kestis found himself captivated by the enticing aroma wafting from a batch of Protato Namba patties sizzling in the cantina. Curious, Kestis inquired about the dish, prompting Dritus to share the rich history behind it. Explaining that the recipe hailed from his great-grandmother Pyloon, Dritus conveyed how her culinary prowess had emerged from the necessity of feeding a large family.

As both chef and patron acknowledged the continuity of Pyloon’s culinary artistry, they reveled in the enduring connection created through dishes like the delectable Protato Namba patties.

30) Protato:

Protatos, a galaxy-wide culinary delight, stood out as a protein-rich treat that could be expertly fried to perfection. In the bustling year of 22 BBY, the vibrant night market of Coruscant’s Uscru District served as the stage for a bounty hunter to showcase and sell these enticing protatos.

The vendor, keen on highlighting their high protein content, passionately touted the delectable experience of frying these delectable morsels. Amidst the lively market atmosphere, the charismatic bounty hunter’s sales pitch echoed, catching the attention of none other than Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his astromech droid R4-P17. The encounter unfolded against the backdrop of Kenobi’s pursuit of the elusive bounty hunter Zam Wesell, adding a dash of unexpected flavor to the galactic scene.

31) Protein mash:

Protein mash, a culinary plight on the Republic Correctional Alliance prison ship Restitution, left an indelible mark on the taste buds of its captive audience. In the confined world of imprisonment, female Twi’lek inmates Lourna Dee and Sestin Blin found an unexpected connection in their shared disdain for the unappealing flavor of protein mash.

As Dee first entered the ship, the less-than-appetizing protein mash became the catalyst for a unique bond between the two inmates. Sestin, candidly expressing her dissatisfaction, boldly proclaimed it to be the worst taste imaginable. Despite the culinary challenges, a practical understanding emerged—Sestin, realizing the importance of maintaining strength for labor, offered to consume Dee’s portion if it ever failed to meet her palate. In the realm of captivity, the camaraderie over shared distaste became a curious facet of their shared experience.

32) Redsprout:

Redsprouts, a culinary choice among humans, graced the dining table of the Spanjaf family on the planet Lothal in 4 BBY. Amidst the familial setting, Gandr and Jessa Spanjaf engaged in conversation with their daughter Merei. The discourse revolved around Merei’s academic challenges at the Vocational School for Institutional Security, a topic broached while she tactfully served herself a second helping of redsprouts, skillfully wielding a pair of tongs. The meal became a backdrop for both familial discussion and Merei’s academic endeavors.

33) Roasted giblin:

Roasted giblins, a culinary delight, found its place on the menu at the Lodge at Fort Ypso on the planet Vandor. Tivoche Bilure, a human engrossed in various tasks on the world, frequently indulged in post-job visits to the Lodge. His go-to meal comprised a flavorful kod’yok steak paired with the savory satisfaction of roasted giblins. Bilure, reflecting on that chapter of his life in a written work, made a noteworthy mention of this preferred culinary combination.

34) Slaur roe:

In the murky swamps of Dagobah, a peculiar delicacy known as slaur roe could be discovered. Yoda, the exiled Jedi Grand Master, found sustenance in the form of slaur roe, relishing its unique combination of ticklish sensations in his throat and satisfying fullness in his belly. During his training under Yoda’s guidance on Dagobah, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker also partook in the consumption of slaur roe. This memorable experience lingered in Luke’s memory, becoming a tale he later shared with his son, Ben Skywalker, in 43 ABY.

35) Sour berry sweet:

Sour berry sweets, a delectable treat for humans, became a poignant memory in the life of Jedi Master Douglas Sunvale. In his role as the marshal of Port Haileap, he carried these sweets in his pocket, sharing a gesture of appreciation with the aspiring scientist Avon Starros. The sweetness of the treat mirrored Sunvale’s acknowledgment of Starros’s cleverness. This small but meaningful encounter lingered in Starros’s thoughts, becoming a cherished recollection, especially after the tragic demise of Sunvale during the destruction of the cruiser Steady Wing.

36) Sourfry:

Sourfry, a delectable dish from Dex’s Diner on the bustling planet Coruscant, found its way into the Star Wars culinary scene. A diner, immersed in the Galactic Republic era, savored a bowl of sourfry, savoring its unique flavors at Dex’s Diner.

The introduction of sourfry to the new Star Wars canon occurred in “Galactic Tales: Inheritance,” part of the Galactic Tales short story series. Penned by George Mann, this story unfolded in the 211th issue of Star Wars Insider on June 7, 2022. In the Star Wars Legends continuity, the delectable sourfry made its debut in “Sacrifice,” the fifth volume of the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series, a literary creation by Karen Traviss in 2007.

37) Space waffle:

Space waffles, a delightful planetary treat, graced the dining scenes across the galaxy. On Lothal, by 3272 LY, Old Jho’s Pit Stop curated these waffles, paired with the exquisite muja sauce topping, a particular favorite of Kanan Jarrus. The Clone Wars era witnessed Ronto Grill on Coruscant’s Level 1313 serving up these delectable space waffles.

Hera Syndulla, navigating her shopping list, included space waffles among her culinary choices. Garazeb Orrelios’ mealtime tranquility was once disrupted by the antics of Ezra Bridger and Chopper during his indulgence in space waffles. Gooti Terez, a member of Iron Squadron, presented a tempting plate of space waffles to her fellow crewmates. Despite Jonner Jin’s offer, Hera Syndulla gracefully declined, citing time constraints.

Z’Vk’Thkrkza, the illustrious proprietor of Aunt Z’s Tavern on the Colossus, proudly sported a shoulder tattoo depicting a space waffle alongside crossed cooking implements.

38) Spaghetti:

Spaghetti, a universally enjoyed dish, even found its way into the culinary preferences of Hutts. The planet Branth, known for its humid air, offered an experience as enjoyable as witnessing the mighty Hutt Jabba indulging in a plate of spaghetti.

In the year 17 ABY, the formidable Wookiee Chewbacca encountered a thernbee creature on the planet Almania. In a peculiar encounter, the thernbee attempted to extract a Force-dampening ysalamir beast from its cage, employing a technique reminiscent of slurping spaghetti, adding an unexpected twist to the unfolding events.

39) Spiced eggmilk:

Spiced eggmilk, a delectable dish served in bowls, held a place in the culinary offerings of the galaxy. During Solstice Tide around 232 BBY, Nittel Karkson, a Gotal thief facing adversity, extended an invitation to Human Jedi Master Stellan Gios. The duo shared a meal of Stratt stew in the humble hovel where Karkson and his grandmother resided in the under levels of Coruscant.

In a gesture of kindness, Gios reciprocated by inviting Karkson and his grandmother to the Jedi Temple after the meal. He suggested a night’s rest in the temple for a refreshing sleep, followed by a morning discussion about Karkson’s future over a comforting bowl of spiced eggmilk.

40) Thakitillo:

Thakitillo, hailed as one of the galaxy’s premier delicacies, stood out as a culinary masterpiece.

Comprising tangy curds that elegantly melted in the mouth, thakitillo became a source of solace and enjoyment for the Myrkr strike team. However, indulging in this exquisite delicacy also stirred poignant memories of comrades lost in the line of duty.

During the Swarm War, three enterprising Squibs engaged in material trade with the Killiks seized the opportunity to request a favor from Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. They sought the transport of crates filled with the coveted green thakitillo, offering their assistance in locating the Solos’ daughter, Jaina Solo, amid the tumultuous Chiss/Killik war zone.

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