Top 6 Tips and Tricks for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Welcome, fellow gamers and aspiring Jedi! The Force has led you to this blog wherein we shall unravel the tips and tricks of conquering the immersive and action-packed international of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Without any ado, let’s dive into the top six tips and tricks to help you become a true Jedi Master on this superb adventure. 

Harness Cal’s Force Powers for Mastery: 

The foundation of your Jedi prowess lies in harnessing Cal’s Force powers. As Cal embarks on his adventure, he will unlock various Force powers, which every unique uses. Whether it is electricity of Force Push, the manipulation of time with Force Slow, or the capacity to heal the use of Force Heal, understanding and studying these powers is crucial for your fulfilment. 

Force Push, for example, can be used to clear up environmental puzzles, clean paths, and do away with enemies. Experiment with its variety and energy, discovering the hidden potentials it holds. On the other hand, this allows you to quickly freeze enemies in the area, granting you valuable moments to strike with precision and accuracy. And whilst the warfare takes its toll, don’t hesitate to use Force Heal, rejuvenating Cal’s energy and ensuring his survival. 

Embrace the Adventurous Spirit of Exploration

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor galaxy is tremendous and brimming with secrets waiting to be found. While the main questline propels you ahead, do not overlook the infinite possibilities for exploration that lie past. Venture off the beaten course, explore each nook and cranny, and be rewarded with hidden treasures, lore-wealthy collectables, and improvements to decorate Cal’s competencies. As you traverse diverse environments, watch for hidden paths and shortcuts. Some areas might also seem unreachable; however, with the apt use of Cal’s Force powers and careful navigation, you could uncover new regions, secrets, and techniques. Embrace the spirit of a real Jedi explorer, and allow the Force manual to you to the hidden wonders you anticipate. 

Forge Your Path: Experiment with Weapons and Abilities 

A Jedi’s adventure is private, shaped by their selections and playstyle. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gives numerous guns and talents to test with. Whether you select the elegant finesse of the lightsaber or the calculated precision of the blaster fight, locate the playstyle that resonates with you and hone your competencies. Familiarize yourself with the different lightsaber bureaucracy and combat techniques available. Each form offers a unique combination of offence and defence, permitting you to evolve to numerous fight situations. Combining lightsaber strikes, dodges, and blocks creates fluid and devastating mixtures. In addition to the lightsaber, Cal also can wield numerous ranged weapons. Each weapon has advantages and drawbacks, from the iconic blaster to the effective bowcaster. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of different weapons, and discover the appropriate stability that suits your fight fashion. 

Employ the Force to Tip the Scales

As a Jedi, your connection to the Force offers exceptional management over the battlefield. Use this gain to govern your enemies and turn the tide of combat. Experiment with creativity and use Force powers to gain the upper hand. Force Push is a device for environmental manipulation and a powerful offensive ability. In combat, use it to create space, push enemies off ledges, or even into risks. Unleash the Force precisely, and watch your enemies disintegrate below its power. Similarly, Force Pull can disarm enemies, disrupt their assaults, or carry them nearer for devastating melee moves. Combine it with lightsaber throws or follow-up attacks for max effect. 

Become a Master of Deflection

The lightsaber is the signature weapon of a Jedi, an image of their ability and connection to the Force. Mastering the artwork of deflection is essential for survival. As blaster bolts rain down upon you, use your lightsaber to gracefully deflect them back at your enemies, turning their aggression in opposition to them. Timing and precision are essential to successful deflections. Watch for diffused visible cues, assume incoming attacks, and redirect the bolts again to their source with a quick motion. With exercise, you will discover the beauty of this art shape, deflecting bolts in speedy succession and feeling the exhilarating flow of combat. 

Unleash the Power of Force Slow

Among Cal’s arsenal of Force powers, one capacity stands out for its tactical advantage: Force Slow. This energy allows you to govern time, freezing enemies in their tracks while retaining fluid movement. The strategic packages of this energy are substantial. When faced with a daunting institution of adversaries, hire Force Slow to selectively freeze one or more enemies, permitting you to conserve your attacks and dispatch them quickly. Take advantage of this momentary advantage to land unique strikes, steer clear of incoming assaults, or position yourself strategically. Force Slow isn’t confined to combat; it may also be hired throughout environmental puzzles. Manipulate moving platforms, traverse risky boundaries, or react to time-sensitive demanding situations with the grace of a true Jedi. 


You can conquer Star Wars Jedi: Survivor demanding situations with these six guidelines and tricks. Remember, the path of a Jedi is undoubtedly one of constant growth, wherein perseverance and adaptableness are as crucial as lightsaber abilities and Force mastery. May the Force be with you constantly! 

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