Top 6 Tips And Tricks To Conquer Gotham Knights

With Batman gone, his closest four allies must step in to protect the city from danger. Nights are hard, but Gotham City needs you. Yes, we are in the Gotham universe!

Gotham Knights is an action-adventure video game based on the Batman series. The game has an ensemble of four characters- Batgirl, Redhood, Robin, and Nightwing. Players can choose to play as single or multiple characters. 

When getting started with this classic game, you might find yourself confused with the interlayered characters, their powers, and so many options present at your altar. This blog will help you navigate through the techniques of Gotham Knights by giving 6 tips (+ 1 bonus tip!) that will work like magic.

Tip 1- Every character comes with its strengths

Just like us humans, the characters of Gotham Knights are both flawed and blessed in their own ways. Batgirl is a skilled hacker, Nightwing is a master acrobat, Red Hood is a skilled marksman, and Robin is a master of stealth. And the best part about this game is- you can jump characters! Most other games lock you in a single character, limiting your playing potential. Also, all members level up at the same time. So you don’t need to worry about missing any progression.

With practice, you will learn to use each character to your advantage to win the game.

Tip 2- Work as a team

Gotham Knights allows you to play both as a single player and in a team. While playing alone has its advantages, playing in a team increases your chances of winning. The game requires its fair share of group work, and who better than your friends to do it with!

Stick together as you make your way into the city. Formulate a shared plan that each of you agrees with. You may also consider swapping characters among yourselves.

Tip 3- Batgirl

Batgirl has a sharp intellect. She can use her hacking skills to find hidden truths about the city and dig into the secrets of the Court of Owls, all while battling her own emotional conflicts. In addition, Batgirl has a detective vision that enables her to spot hidden clues and locations. Her gadgets, like the Grapnel Gun and Batarangs, can also be used to gain a tactical advantage in the game.

Use her strengths to turn off security alarms and get access to restrained areas.

Tip 4- Nightwing

Nightwing guides the Bat Family. He is responsible for Batman’s legacy to go on. He is an excellent combatant with a range of movement options and fantastic physical abilities. A master of flips and dodges, Nightwing also owns Escrima sticks- making him a powerful opponent. He can handle a crowd of goons alone due to his wide-range attacking abilities.

Use his strengths to win in fights and navigate rugged terrains. 

Tip 5- Robin

Robin has excellent stealth skills. With the Shadow skill tree, he can make enemies less aware of his presence and take them down, no matter how big they are. Use Robin’s skills to sneak up on enemies without getting caught. You can perform silent takedowns and use his grappling hook to navigate the city. Also, you can take advantage of elevated positions for better vantage points.

Tip 6- Redhood

Red Hood is a force to be reckoned with. His guns and brawler skills let him take down multiple enemies from a distance. Mastering his abilities will make you feel unstoppable in the game. Red Hood is equipped with dual pistols, making him an excellent ranged combatant. Practice aiming and firing with a focus on taking down enemies from a distance. Also, his Gunslinger skills can be used to land precise shots for more damage.

Use Redhood’s marksmen skills to level up in the game and take enemies down.

Bonus Tip- Explore the city!

You should consider night patrolling through Gotham City more often. It has much to offer- loot discoveries, investigations, and collectibles to be claimed. Plus, anything you do in the city adds to your experience points. Now that’s a win-win.

Gotham City offers an immersive open-world environment with unique landmarks, districts, and landscapes. The random encounters and events will add thrill to your overall gaming experience.


Gotham Knights is a game unlike any. It is best played by using the strengths of each character wisely. This game requires practice, dedication, skill, and a deep understanding of each character’s abilities. Whether playing Redhood or Robin, Batgirl or Nightwing, you can use each character’s skillsets. 

Remember, everything is better with friends. Do not hesitate to invite your gang to join you on this adventure. Explore the city and get a taste of all it has to offer.

The tips mentioned above will help you get better at the game and take a dive into the legacy of Batman.

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