Top 6 Tips And Tricks To Conquer Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Hey, Hunter, the clock’s ticking to thwart the Midnight Sun prophecy! Are you ready?

We’ve had a bunch of Marvel video games around, but Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a little different. XCOM Creators develop it, but it is not as violent as the other games. It is a turn-based game where you must strategically plan your moves to win. 

Another factor that makes Marvel’s Midnight Suns stand apart is that you use cards to make decisions! This game is a dream for Marvel fans as well as card-game lovers.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns can seem a little overwhelming due to these concerns, but we’ve got you! This blog gives 6 tips and tricks to help you conquer the Marvel World in no time! Keep reading to find out.

Tip 1- Each character has certain advantages

Aside from the character of “The Hunter”, the offspring of Lilith, there are 12 other characters that the game provides you with- Blade, Nico Minoru, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Hulk, The Hunter, Iron Man, Magik, and Wolverine. You also have four DLC characters- Deadpool, Morbius, Storm (Mara Junot), and Venom. Consider getting familiar with the traits and strengths of each character to have the upper hand in the game.

Tip 2- Choose wisely

Building a team is an essential aspect of winning the game. You might be tempted to make a team of the best players and stick to it till the end of the game. But you should consider rotating teams and getting to know all members well. 

Try different matches. Choose characters that complement each other. For instance, Captain America is a great leader, although he is not particularly good at combat. If you pair him with Iron Man, he covers up for his weakness with his advanced tech and long-range firepower. Thus, you will have a team that checks all boxes.

Tip 3- Exploit your enemy’s weaknesses

As every character comes with strength, every enemy has a weakness. Take time to know where the weak point lies. For some, it’s in the head. For others, it may be around their legs. Many others turn completely powerless when unarmed. 

Choose wisely and save time. Do not go for team-based attacks when only an individual is needed. A ranged attack is unnecessary, whereas a simple attack from the back might defeat the enemy.

Tip 4- Wolverine

Wolverine’s rage is his power. You can use the Berserk card to slay all your enemies. This card gives you the power to draw 2 more Wolverine cards in the game. Plus, all of these Wolverine cards have a unique ability called Lifesteal. It means that Wolverine gains a few health points whenever he attacks the enemy. 

This might seem like a small win, but it adds up over the course of the game. It gives Wolverine a better chance of staying alive, which can be used to our advantage. 

You may also consider using the Midnight unique ability of Wolverine. Using his heroism charges allows him to damage more enemies to a greater extent.

Tip 5- Iron Man

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Iron Man has an ability called “Hellfire”- which allows him to shoot a unibeam of light that kills multiple enemies in one go. You can use this to kill an army of troops or on a newly spawned crystal. However, you may want to use it at last, as it is a MasterCard.

Another way to use Iron Man at his best is to redraw cards. Midnight Suns allow players to redraw cards for Iron Man by ignoring other characters. This act makes him stronger. His heroic cards work best in redraws. Make sure you always have the best cards for Iron Man.

Tip 6- Captain America

Captain America’s shield bounce is a great defence tactic. This ability is activated by using the Punch card behind and to the left of the Whisper enemy. 

While selecting the shield bounce card, aim the circular area-of-effect attack at the three out of four Whispers at the back of the arena. Make sure to position it so that Shield Bounce will knock out the lone enemy on the left and two of the three enemies on the right side.

Following this strategy, you can remove multiple enemies and protect Captain America with his shield.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns is an excellent game if you want to start with the XCOM gaming series. It is not as tricky as other series games but challenging enough to enjoy. Plus, it brings cards to the equation! So keep practising, and learn to use the characters and cards wisely.

The above tips will help you get a taste of the game and be a strong opponent to the enemies.

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