Unauthorized Xbox Controllers Blocked by Microsoft News

Unauthorized Xbox Controllers Blocked by Microsoft: Impact and Implications

Microsoft has initiated a process to prevent the use of unofficial Xbox controllers and accessories on Xbox consoles. Users on the Resetera forum first observed a notification about this block. When connecting certain third-party Xbox controllers, an alert displaying “connected accessory is not authorized” has begun to appear on Xbox consoles. It remains uncertain whether Microsoft aims to counteract cheating devices or promote its official partner program for Xbox.

A recent development involves an error message appearing with affected third-party Xbox controllers. The warning indicates that the accessory will become inoperative after two weeks. Microsoft clarifies in a support note, “Upon connecting an unauthorized accessory and encountering error code 0x82d60002, a two-week window is provided for its use. Subsequently, it will be restricted from functioning with the console, signified by error code 0x82d60003. We recommend reaching out to the vendor or manufacturer of the accessory for guidance on returning it.”

Controllers affiliated with the “designed for Xbox” hardware partner program remain unaffected, while those lacking official authorization by Microsoft risk encountering this error and subsequent usage prohibition. This measure might also prevent the operation of third-party cheat devices such as XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1 on Xbox consoles.

These adapters are commonly employed on PCs to mimic controller inputs, allowing users of a mouse and keyboard to combine the advantages of aim assist and reduced recoil from a controller with the movement benefits of a mouse and keyboard. Companies like Activision, Bungie, and Ubisoft have been actively combating these hardware spoofing devices, imposing restrictions and bans in games like Call of Duty, Destiny 2, and Rainbow Six Siege.

The popularity of Cronus devices on consoles has been rising, and Microsoft’s blockade will likely impact some of these unauthorized adapters. Brook Gaming, known for manufacturing an adapter supporting PlayStation controllers on Xbox, confirms that its devices are affected by Microsoft’s block. Via a post on X, Brook Gaming alerts users about potential disruptions in the functioning of several products, including a fighting board, controller adapter, and steering wheel adapter.

However, the block enforced by Microsoft might have adverse effects on the fighting game community. Maximilian Dood, a prominent figure in the fighting game community on YouTube, expresses concerns, stating, “This is essentially a death sentence for local fighting game events reliant on Xbox, let alone those with limited access to arcade sticks. The Brook Gaming converters aren’t cheat devices; they significantly benefit the fighting game community. Please reconsider!”

Most third-party Xbox controllers are wired since Microsoft has not traditionally licensed its Xbox Wireless protocol to other vendors. PowerA recently introduced the first officially licensed third-party wireless controller for Xbox consoles earlier this year. Speculation from Windows Central suggests Microsoft’s recent prohibition might be connected to the company’s efforts to broaden approval for third-party wireless Xbox controllers.

We have reached out to Microsoft for comment on the unauthorized Xbox controller block and will update with any further information.

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