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Unveiling Activision’s New Call of Duty Experience: Issues and Solutions

Activision’s fresh approach to the Call of Duty experience encounters major initial hurdles. The recent launch of Modern Warfare 3’s campaign highlights the need to access the new game via Call of Duty HQ. However, the process is sluggish, clumsy, and seemingly purposeless. Call of Duty HQ essentially encapsulates Modern Warfare 2/Warzone under a new name.

Launching Modern Warfare 3 involves an obligatory initial launch of Modern Warfare 2, indicating a convoluted structure within the HQ. Unlike transitioning between Modern Warfares 2 and 3 from the HQ, opening Modern Warfare 3 triggers a separate executable, illustrating its integration as an add-on inside CoD HQ.

The result? A 70-90 second delay in launching Modern Warfare 3, which seems unnecessary for players. The intention might have been console convenience, but it hampers the smoothness for eager fans. Unlike the service, which doesn’t face similar issues, the CoD HQ complicates the experience for enthusiastic gamers ready for a seamless FPS adventure.

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