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Warlander MOBA Review, Gameplay, Official Trailer, Verdict

Warlander MOBA Review, Gameplay, Official Trailer, Verdict

Rating: TBA/10

There are some definite positives in the game. Both the warring teams — Mages and Warriors — can attack from a distance using crossbows and magic. Also, players can upgrade their skills and after the battle, they get rewards, which can be used to buy boosters and skills. 

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Arun Shrivastav – Gaming Author & Reviewer



PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Release Date:
24 Jan, 2023

Toylogic Inc.





Supported Languages:

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

Fighting game
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Warlander is action filled adventurous game with imaginative battles between magic and might, Mages vs Warriors. It was released on 24 January 2023 by the Japanese company Toylogic Inc. It is light-hearted castle warfare with primitive game mechanics. One important thing to notice is that Warlander MOBA has no multiplayer online battle arena except mechanics of towers, where players capture the tower. 

Performance & Optimization

If we look at its performance, there is no way to get a stable 60 FPS in the game, even with an RX 580 graphics card with a Ryzen 7 (8-core) CPU and 16 GB of RAM. You can’t optimize anything to get a better performance. 


The graphics are not that bad though, you won’t like it if you are a fan of high-quality graphics. If you look at them, they are pretty basic and lack details. It gives off a cartoon-like vibe. 

Audio and Visual

It has boring sound effects, which act as background fillers rather than enhancing the experience. 


It boasts a great storyline, with two large teams battling each other to capture each other’s castles with all the weapons and ballistics. However, when it comes to implementation, it’s just a casual war between two teams with limited resources. There is no freedom of movement, except run, jump and hit. Too many shaders and colourful effects, don’t allow players to see enemies. It is mainly because game mechanics is bad and they are being hidden by these effects. 

However, some positives in the game can be appreciated. Both Mages and Warriors can attack from a distance using crossbows and magic. Players can upgrade their skills and after the battle, they get rewards in the form of experience, items and coins, which can be used to buy boosters and skills. On the basis of the ranking system, the game will automatically choose enemies for you. 

Warlander can either be played as two army battle or five army battle. You will be part of 20 people army, where you have to win against one or four armies. 

In two army battles, teams play 20 on 20, with each team divided into squads for offence, defence and special operations, but players have the liberty to do whatever they want. There are several key objectives in the map that need to be achieved, for example, the tower that will allow you to get closer to enemies. It provides an important strategic advantage, needed to win the war. The goal is clear, defend your castle, while trying to capture or destroy the opponent’s core. In five army battles, if your core is left untouched, then it’s the draw. The only way to win is to do more damage than done by your enemy. 

A lot to do before fighting and destroying

Before destroying the core, there are a lot of things you can do in the game such as building equipment for the battle. For defence, you can make arrow launchers and catapults. For offence, you can build a battering ram to destroy the opponent’s front gate and ladders to climb over their walls. Things are already there, so once you reach it, you can build it while keeping an eye out for attack. Once you build some items, like the battering ram, you will have to work as a team to move it forward to the actual gates and then use it multiple times to break down the gate. Build objects can be destroyed, the same as small side gates for the castles. While the big main gate can’t be rebuilt, all other items and side gates can be rebuilt once destroyed. Even if your main gate is destroyed, the game isn’t over until your core is destroyed.

Not entirely dependent on kills

Warlander MOBA is not entirely dependent on the number of kills, but rather on destroying the enemy’s core. To achieve that, you need to siege weapons, destroy the keep and knock its core out. If both teams have their core enacted, then the team with the most towers win. There are three classes available: Cleric, Mage and Warrior. Each class is equipped with two weapons, each with two skills. Warrior and Cleric will have a sword or hammer paired up with a shield and one ranged weapon. Mage, on the other hand, will type spells like fireball and magic arrow. The cooldown period after using each skill is 10-30 seconds and for team skills. It’s 60 seconds or more.

Short time to kill

As a Mage, you can easily switch between weapons and skillsets but as a warrior or cleric, it’s impossible to do that. Furthermore, It is a relatively short time to kill in the game as you’ll often have to use both of your skills and then instantly die because you won’t have a defensive ability available and the enemy will have all of their offensive ones. With each level up, you gain experience and items that drop after the match. If you receive, two same skills, then it upgrades the current skill, and after achieving certain milestones, you get to unlock new titles. Titles are important leverage that one can have as it increases the base stats and CP. It decides the level of weapons, armour and skills that one can have. There are five stars, zero to five.

A drawback

However, there is a certain drawback associated with high start character. Players are required to achieve a certain valour level before higher star characters become unlocked. It can be done by earning points in any way, such as killing enemies or destroying battlements. Once a higher star character is unlocked, they can be used in battle, but they also have a cooldown timer, which limits their use. It doesn’t require a lot of skill to play this game, which makes it quite boring. 

System Requirements

Final Verdict

Only three classes can be pretty limiting in a fantasy-based game, which should have more characters. It also has less variety when it comes to maps. There are only two game modes, fewer characters and even lesser maps, which makes the game less fascinating. Even though, it has great idea and concept, it also suffers from lacklustre design and implementation. It can provide entertainment for some time, but not for long. 


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