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Why Alan Wake 2 Is Not Available on Steam

In 2023, one of the most anticipated games, Alan Wake II, has finally arrived for console and PC enthusiasts. However, there’s a catch for PC gamers — it’s exclusively available on the Epic Games Store, steering clear of Steam, at least during the initial release. So, why the exclusivity?

Behind this decision lies the pivotal role of Epic Games. They’ve financially supported the development of Alan Wake II, resulting in an agreement with Remedy, ensuring exclusivity, particularly at the game’s launch, on their platform. Epic’s influence extends to funding the 2021 Alan Wake remaster and acting as the game’s publisher, granting them the authority to determine the game’s distribution.

Epic Games has a vested interest in boosting the prominence of their relatively new platform, providing incentives or financial support to entice developers into selecting the Epic Games Store over competing platforms like Steam. CEO Tim Sweeney emphasized their strategic focus on exclusives, targeting not only major titles but also smaller games that primarily cater to Steam’s audience.

Additionally, Epic’s recent announcement offered developers and publishers a lucrative deal: 100% of a game’s sales revenue for the initial six months upon exclusive launch on the Epic Games Store.

Though the game’s future presence on Steam remains uncertain, historical precedents suggest a possibility. Remedy’s Control initially debuted as an Epic Games Store exclusive before arriving on Steam after a one-year exclusivity deal. However, Control was published by 505 Games, while Epic is the publisher of Alan Wake II.

Considering the track record with Alan Wake Remastered, another Epic publication, remaining solely on the Epic Games Store since its 2021 release, it’s likely that decisions concerning the availability of Alan Wake II are within Epic’s control. Epic Games Store’s GM, Steve Allison, hinted at a substantial exclusivity period without specifying an end date, leaving the door open for a potential shift in the future.

As of now, the exclusive access to Alan Wake II on PC upon its launch means purchasing it through the Epic Games Store. The game is set to officially launch on October 27 at midnight Eastern.

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