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Exclusive Update on Lies of P Director’s Plans: DLC Teaser & Sequel Confirmation

In a recent video addressed to the community, Director Ji Won Choi of the game “Lies of P” expressed gratitude for reaching 1 million in sales. Moreover, Choi hinted at the imminent release of the game’s downloadable content (DLC) and the ongoing development of a sequel.

“Our primary focus lies in the DLC and the sequel’s progression,” mentioned Choi. While the DLC had been partly unveiled, details regarding the sequel had remained undisclosed.

Fans have been rife with speculation about the sequel’s potential storyline, deriving clues from the game’s conclusion without revealing spoilers.

Regarding the DLC, Choi provided sneak-peek screenshots showing the protagonist navigating a vast ship at sea. “I can assure you of one thing,” Choi remarked. “What you’ve seen is just the tip of the iceberg.” Could this tease an inspiration from the Titanic or an encounter with The Terrible Dogfish from the original story?

Before these major releases, the game will undergo an update later this month, incorporating various alterations. This update includes adjustments to the Weapon Assemble system, enabling players to combine different blades and handles for varied abilities. Choi assured these changes aim to enhance player experiences within the system.

Furthermore, modifications will be made to the game’s early stages, boosting base stats, providing additional Quartz for upgrading the P-Organ, and making the Rising Dodge move a default skill. These alterations seek to address previous criticisms, especially regarding the dodge mechanics.

Lastly, the update will include costume adjustments, allowing separate wear of glasses and hats as cosmetic elements for the main character, mimicking the outfits of other NPCs. Additionally, Alidoro’s costume, the dog character offering boss weapons, will be introduced.

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